When reading Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in English

When reading Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in English, I was in awe of Atticus Finch and the way he defended an innocent man despite the possible repercussions on his life. His desire for justice inspired me to discover more about the study of law. More recently I have delved into keeping up with court reports to familiarise myself further with the different types of court proceedings in Scotland.

A Law degree can give me the opportunity to make a difference in clients’ lives in the future. It changes to adapt to modern life, which makes it undoubtedly more difficult but fascinating.
Combining law with Spanish not only provides me with a degree that will help me progress in my future aspirations of a career as a lawyer, it advances my existing knowledge of a valuable skill. I feel this would be useful for my future, as a way to communicate with future clients and outside of law to discover more about an interesting culture that is very different to mine. I want to be able to provide representation for everyone no matter their background or crime and issues. I feel it is important that everyone is treated fairly and given the same chance in law.
To be successful in Law, time management is important especially with an added language; however, I have been able to effectively split my time between my academic work and extra-curricular activities by catching up with any work I have missed at lunchtimes and after school. Law requires a great deal of communication with students and in the future, clients. This is a quality I developed further when I was a youth group leader at a Scripture Union Summer camp. I helped the children understand the concepts that we were learning about and I worked in a team with the other group leaders to create a drama performance to entertain and teach the children. Another activity which enhances my team working ability and displays my dedication is music. I regularly attend rehearsals for three different ensembles during lunchtimes and after school. I play percussion and I work with my fellow percussionists in a pressurised situation to perform well.
I secured work experience with a law firm in Dumbarton. I was lucky to be able to shadow a lawyer whilst she carried out her civil cases in court. I was given cases to read through to familiarise myself with the law. The gratefulness of the clients sparked my ambition to help those in these situations by working hard. I saw the perseverance and resilience of the lawyers, through phone calls and constant emailing, as a challenge that I would love to engage in to further help those in trouble. On the other side of Law, I visited the Sheriff court on multiple occasions. This highlighted the broad range of topics that the study of law covers and gave me a better understanding of criminal law.
To further my knowledge of law, I read Nicholas McBride’s ‘Letters to a Law Student.’ This introduced me to the subject and what to expect when applying and going to university.
It made my excitement of studying law greater, through the thought-provoking examples.
The next book I read was ‘What about Law?’ by Bernard, O’Sullivan, and Virgo, which was a great insight into the different aspects of law and also introduced me to the parts of the law with cases as examples. The constitutional law section interested me due to my love of Modern Studies, and also of Spain due to the current constitutional crisis in Catalonia.
Football plays a large part in my life and I have been playing since I was young. I am in my school’s girls’ football team and through dedication and practice, we won the under 18 SISFA girls 7s tournament. I hope to progress this skill further as I move on from school.

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I have gained independence and diligence from a young age by creating a schedule for piano practice.

Studying Law at university is a challenge that I would love to rise to, which would fulfil my aspirations of being a lawyer in the future.