What is civilization

What is civilization? Civilization can be defined as the society, culture and way of life of a particular area according to Oxford English dictionary. Religion can be defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power especially a personal God from Oxford English dictionary. In my opinion, a civilization should not be separated from religion.
To describe the relationship between civilization and religion, a philosophical approach is needed. As civilization can built up the bond of a certain cultural background, then the factors of religion or believe any system of a society cannot be ignored. Thus, the religion is also the part of phenomenon to understand because its also seems as part of life. So that, its gives us more meaning and purpose towards our life.
Other than that, moral foundation of society is important in civilized life. Religion serves to form a view of the universe and a community, and conduct their actions in life. It can seems from how the religion has to do that so close to civilization. Moral foundation is very important to strengthen up the bond between religion and civilization. Through the evidence, we can seems that how the religion has to do that so close civilization. From the evidence, we can conclude that civilization of goods that can seen up to this day reflects the high appreciation of the religious life.
Then, religion also affects the way of thinking and behaviours of society. Some of people doesn’t care about the behaviours towards to the religion. Its make more affects to the way of behaviours towards society. Religion needed positive thinking to overcome all the problems in the world. So, when the people having negative thinking will affects the society.
In conclusion, Malaysia having multicultural. There are many religions such as malay is islam, indian is hindu, Chinese is buddha and many.