Welcome parents to our preschool

Welcome parents to our preschool. Our belief is to create healthy, safety and proper nutritional and productive environment for our children whereby they can grow as an individual through hands-on learning with experiments and activities to support them in group education. In this preschool, we join hands with parents to help our children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help our children have fun while building active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts in a friendly stimulating environment whereby your child will grow as an independent, confident and caring individual.
Parents and teacher will play a vital role bringing out the best in our children. Parents of our preschool will highly be encouraged to be a community in raising children with good ethics and morals. The preschool students are maximum 60 children of age 3-5 years, the ratio of 20 kids per teacher and teacher’s assistant and a staff member will with them in a class.
As a parents there are many factors to be considered before you decide a preschool for your young ones, but our preschool is designed with ideal location where there’s an open space, where our children an adult can use sufficient of space for them to move and do vigorous activities that require the use of large muscle to move around, We have a playground that has slides, climbers, and sand play area where children can enjoy and have fun. The amount of indoor space per child is 40 square feet of free space per child, these do not include the walkway, staff work area, classroom, furniture and administrative area. Our center provides a separate area where children have tables and chairs to have snack and lunch break.
The preschool structural design is built sound prove and weather tight with easily cleaned finishing that control mold, dust, and pest entry, windows and doors are suitable for our young ones allowing them to view the environment and its designed for the child to easily exit in an emergency, but there’s always a staff member to keep a supervision when children are indoor and outdoor. The outdoor play is 75 square feet of space per child using the playground at any time. The preschool always uses a cleaning, sanitizing and disinfected schedule to keep contamination or any illness/infection out, all containers are cleaned daily to prevent a buildup of germ or soil in them, and in our preschool center all utensils are handled and cleaned to prevent infection.
Maintenance of facility and up keeping is the first thing that has to be in a school as it helps the center run for a long time and accordingly, facilities maintenance planning is constrained by real-world budgets, planners must often think in terms of trade-offs. Thus, they must weigh routine tasks against preventive maintenance that pays off only over the long run, while always needing to be prepared for emergency responses to broken air conditioners, cracked pipes, and severe snow storms. The difficult job of planning for facilities maintenance is most effective when it relies upon up-to-date information about the condition and use of buildings, campuses, equipment, and personnel. Thus, staffs who are intimately involved in the day-to-day assessment repair, and maintenance of school facilities must also play an active role in the facilities maintenance planning process. Yet facilities maintenance planning is not solely the responsibility of the facilities department. Effective planning requires coordination of resources and commitment at all levels of the educational organization. The center has a checklist of all work or repair that has to be done to make our center well maintained we have effective school facilities maintenance plan by the school/center that has to be followed. We have the administrator who recognizes that facility maintenance contributes to the physical and financial well-being of the organization, understand that school facility maintenance affects building appearance, equipment operation, student and staff health, and student learning, appreciate that facility maintenance requires funding, acknowledge that strategic planning for facilities maintenance is a team effort that requires input and expertise from a wide range of stakeholders, coordinate facility maintenance activities throughout the organization and demands appropriate implementation and evaluation of facilities maintenance plans. We also have the teachers who help us in maintaining the school facility by recognizing that facilities maintenance supports student learning, educate students about how to treat school facilities appropriately, communicate their expectations for facilities as they relate to enhancing student learning and treat facilities with respect.
In our center, our main concern is health and safety of the children. The staffs are well trained to take care of children for any hazard and take steps to prevent injuries and unsafe conditions. We also think about children should have more than enough space for safe play and learning the lessons. We have a good quality of air flow that keeps comfortable temperature and humidity. There are the main entrance and emergency exit, parent leave and pick up their children from the main entrance next we have is the bathroom that is child-friendly that allows them to open and close easily. The indoor activity that we do in our preschool are circle time, art, math, language, practical life and sensorial.
The hand on activity we do is in practical life and sensorial class, where children will have toys, experiments, fine and gross motor activity. They will also have dramatic play, pouring water from one glass to another, the activity that relates to their everyday life that will help them to be aware for their environment they also involve in personal hygiene activities like brushing teeth, washing hand etc. The indoor activities that reinforce health, nutrition, and safety in a child, nutrition activity that helps children differentiate between fruit, vegetable, dairy, grain, and protein. They can play a bingo game or what’s on my plate? / Healthy jeopardy.