We, the generation of today lives in a culture that glorifies bodies where we are pressured to fit-in or to belong and live up to the unattainable standards that was set up high by the society. When in fact we should not feel pressured to change, to follow and to force ourselves to belong in.
Instead of changing ourselves to fit in, we must view our bodies from a biblical and holistic perspective.

As we worship our bodies, we also take care His temples.
We should avoid and stop bad and unhealthy habits for it only causes complications and problems in our life.

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It is important to worship our body first because if the body is harmed, destroyed, disrespected and violated, the Holy Spirit that lives within could die together with the body. Since, the body serves as the home of our Spirit then if the home of the Spirit is not well worshiped, our Spiritual being cannot grow well. We must take care and nourish our body for it is the foundation of our Spirit. Without our body, the Spirit would have no body to use for the proclamation of God’s word and kingdom and that can be a reason why it is impossible to worship in Spirit alone.