We are already aware of the things happening around us

We are already aware of the things happening around us, especially the “War on drugs”, a lot of people get killed and a lot get imprisoned, I don’t think that sending drug addicts to prison is a good idea, we should send them to treatment in hospitals, because drug addiction is a mental illness, and illnesses can’t be cured in prison but it can be cured in hospitals. A lot of drug addicts are sent to prison but once they get out, they will repeat the same offenses because the illness is still in their minds and it is causing them to do drugs again. Sometimes, the drug addicts that are imprisoned are being beat up, and in that way they are not being helped but they are being tortured, not like hospitals where they are safe, they have 3 meals a day, where it is comfortable and it is where they can be cured and start over again. Drug addiction is not a crime, but why are they being imprisoned? Many people say that if they are imprisoned, they can be treated, but prisons have neither the money, resources nor the systems in place to treat the drug addiction. And without rehab, the addiction will be worse.
Here in Philippines, the prisons are overcrowded, and that is one