Wallet is an application presented by apple that allow to iPhone user to keep credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, store cards, movie tickets and coupons.
Wallet is an application that permit its user to buy movie tickets, eat from different places and everything will be pay through this application. When you buy a ticket to travel or buy a ticket to watch movie in cinema, it also save information like flight or movie timing and seat number in aero plan or cinema.

Wallet application have made thing easy. This application have following features.
Add passes In Wallet:
To use this you need to add passes to your wallet application. You can add in numerous ways. You need to follow below steps.
• Open wallet application and enable it
• sign In With Mail or Messages
• Through a web browser
• Scan QR code with back camera of your phone
• Sharing through AirDrop
• You can also share on MAC
• You can also pay through this application
• After this you will pay fee to next-door merchandiser.
There is a possibility that you did not see add wallet option on your screen. It depends on either it is available on wallet or not. To make sure just contact your merchandiser.
Use your passes:
When you buy a pass from your iPhone’s application i.e. wallet, sometime it happens that those passes acts spontaneously on your screen because they depends on time or place. There is an example from you will get better idea. You just reach at airport your pass will just appear because it was depend on location. Unlock your device to see the pass.
With latest device (iPhone 6 and later) and latest IOS (IOS 9 or later) you can add you pass by following two ways.
• you can add in wallet the phases from which you need to pass are, to open Wallet tap two times on the Home button or by two times clicking the Side button on iPhone X.
you can see your pass’s settings by taping on the pass. Some option will appear on your screen. This application let its users do following things that you can do to your pass.
• You can delete your desire pass.
• You can share your pass with someone you want to share.
• You can update your pass.
• Open or install the app related to that pass.
• You can alter on or off Auto updating.
• You can alter on or off auto selection.

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Edit passes
You can edit your pass with latest IOS(ios11):
• Tap on pass you want to edit
• Tap to delete the pass.
• You can delete on or all at a time.
It could be thinkable that pass does not appear on time when it should be. Than scan your pass to mark it appear. There are following reason due to which pass does not look as it should.
• Location Services is off or not working.
• Suggestion option is switch off.
• It does not offer support to this application.

This application is available on IOS operating system. When you install software this application installed by default.

Over this application is best that offer its user many thing at a place. You can buy anything you want to buy but the condition is it should be support this application. Just go and get this application to enjoy all things at one place.