Vietnam had a major impact on the United States

Vietnam had a major impact on the United States, having a huge part in changing the nation’s history throughout time. With the impact on United States only a few good outcomes, in general the impact on us were mostly negative and have affected us majorly. Three main outcomes that had really affected on americans and the whole nation as a whole were economical issues, social and personal issues, and the final outcome of the vietnam war.
Economical issues started to branch out in America after the government using the spendings for the past war (WWII). Along with this, people began to discover that maybe the government is not very organized or in control as the nation thought. Throughout the war we see families suffering to find a source to get what they need since the economy is going down. This did not help america at all during the Vietnam War and in fact it made things worse for us.
After soldiers were sent home after pulling out of the war, many soldiers experienced a psychological disability called PTSD. Soldiers would have high levels or random events triggering anxiety from an extreme event. These often caused flashbacks. This was an ongoing issue with most soldiers in any war. Families started to have signs of depression due to losing loved ones in battle. There was a total body count of fifty-eight thousand deaths, with 40% of those dead bodies being from the United States.
In the very end, United States backed out of the war and called “quits”.Government loss of credibility with america was an outcome of backing out of the war. With all of these as our final move in the Vietnam war, U.S basically forfeited the war and in the end caused North Vietnam to win.
The Vietnam War in general was not a good time to be around, besides the ups and downs that would happen here and there. Such like the war before that ended our Great depression. But due to the deaths of our fallen soldiers and those who ended up having to go through PTSD was not a fun time. America was one of the main places to be hit harshly by all of these negative outcomes from the impact of Vietnam, these leading to be also a number one reason for negative events in America’s history. From protest/riots on college grounds to loved ones dying or experiencing PTSD, we have proven that Vietnam war was a major source to america’s history.