Unit 2 Donnington Wood Junior School is a Church of England school based in the heart of Telford

Unit 2
Donnington Wood Junior School is a Church of England school based in the heart of Telford, Shropshire. The school is a voluntary controlled school and currently has 184 on roll. There are two classes in each year group which consist of around 30 student each.
We have many external professionals that come into our school. One of these is Robyn from Telford and Wrekin Councils road safety education. Robyn comes in every half term to do an assembly with all years based around road safety. Robyn also speaks with the student council and the head teacher to try improve the schools road safety.
The school has an ethos, values and missions based around the bible and the Christian faith. The school has weekly values which are portrayed in that week’s collective worship, class worship and reflective story. These values are based around our term time table which is based around this quote from the bible.

The schools motto TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More” this is the schools motto and shows the true importance of teamwork and gratefulness, these are practised in our morning, lunch and afternoon prayers, this is also is shown in our logo which is the mustard tree, this is based around this quote from the bible.

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This encapsulates the importance of teamwork to reach for our goals.
The schools motto is printed upon every newsletter that is sent out, also on the website and assembly hall. The school logo which we base our values and missions on is on every school uniform so the children remember their teamwork and goals. My one improvement for their communication of these would be to improve the way the schools put our weekly values across to our parents and local community. By putting this on our “woody weekly” we could get our values across.
Each schools have policies and procedures so they can provide a consistent practices are put into place for different circumstances, this helps the staff, students and parents to manage all kinds of different situations, they are also in place to provide information on difficult circumstances that if not in place could cause diversity.

These are some of the main aims of the policies and procedures that I have collected:
Staff- The aim of the staff is to make all within the school feel safe and have clear roles and responsibilities in place for that to happen. This combines within all of the policies and procedures as the staff have the responsibility of making sure these are all acting and in place in everyday school life.
Pupil Welfare- To develop an ethos of mutual respect and support through a set of school rules with apply to everyone. This policy agrees with our school motto, the rules are in place for everyone, meaning no diversity. The rules are in every classroom and
Teaching and Learning- It is our aim to develop enthusiastic and confident workers with an enjoyment and interest in learning. We try to show children that learning can be fun and enjoyable and do this by making sure all our lessons are enjoyable and available for everyone.
Equality, diversity and inclusion- It is our duty to make sure that all students feel equally valued and respected, with an aim to identify and remove all barriers for every child. We relay this by communicating the importance of equality and also try to provide the children with the confidence to reach for their goals and let nothing hold them back, we relay this in our weekly values.
Parental engagement- To enhance the partnership between school & home, parents are to comment on the children’s Homework Diaries with relevant comments. This provides the school and parents about their child’s growth and learning, with the homework diary we create a stable platform between home and school.
All of the schools policies are on the school website and are easily accessible for any parent to check. The policies are also in a folder in the staff room available for staff to check upon. You are also given a staff handbook at the start of the year with the current policies and procedures. Any changes to these will be posted on the website and sent to teachers and parents.
Summarise the role and responsibilities of national and local government in setting education policy and practice.
The national government are responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures for the local government. They try to provide an equal opportunity for all students
The two other organisations that work with our students are the NHS Nurse and Bike Ability. These both work within the school to help children recognise and prevent dangers. The school nurse comes in weekly and works with our safeguarding officer to check on any concerns or worries, 2/3 will come in monthly to do a routine check-up on every student. Bike Ability comes in every year to do sessions to teach the children about road safety and the dangers. Both of these help support the school in keeping the children safe and preventing any dangerous situations.