Today we got to our new job

Today we got to our new job! I had to remind myself not to speak, even when I was being asked lots of questions. The boss was suspicious of George because he kept answering for me, but I knew that if I answered I would look like a fool. The boss was awright, candy said one year for christmas he bought a bottle of whiskey for the workers. Candy is a nice fellow, seems to know a lot about everyone’s personal life.
We was just standing there talking to candy, and in walked this tiny young man; Curly was his name, the boss’s son. He was quite a pugnacious fellow, trying to act all tough. I could tell by his imperious way of talking to me that, he wanted to make me mad, but I wasn’t quite sure why. After he left George told me not to speak to him not even to get close to him, because it would start a whole lot of trouble