Through Asoka’s life

Through Asoka’s life, he had proven himself to be an enlightened ruler by spreading Buddhism throughout the world, creating his 33 edicts, and ruling in the best interests for his people. I believe that Ashoka was an enlightened ruler even if he had his own ups and downs like most rulers throughout history. He did so much for his community and made his own laws that took a long time to make.
Asoka was a good person, Although when he needs to kill he kills because he can’t just let someone just take advantage of him. Asoka wanted to own up to his own mistakes with the Kingala War, Therefore he moved on. In Document C. Asoka was a good person to his community he gave gifts to the poor and he helped out many people. It states in Document C that he consulted with the community about proper governance and good conduct. He was settling for high ideals, for himself, the ideals for power and peace.
Asoka wanted what was best for his people the map on Document D shows the edicts scattered around India, Asoka had pillars, walls, and boulders. Asoka wanted the best for his people and that’s why he worked so hard on making the laws. The laws included edicts concern with health and the environment, fairs, and owners, and promote welfare. He even let prisoners visit their families for 3 days that have committed murder and who have been sentenced to death. Although