This year in R

This year in R.A.Y.S. I learned that teamwork is key. This year has been able to teach me about the many ways how teamwork is important when working together for a common goal. When working together as a whole, we were able to accomplish many things. Cooperating together allowed us to work efficiently. As an example, when we’ve taken the day to go to the USF ropes course as a group bonding to learn to work together, we learned that you must work as a team and use each individuals unique, specialization to help the team complete an activity. Among our team, we discussed different approaches to complete each round of the group games and contributed our own ideas using some of our talents. By doing so, we were able to complete the game successfully, and work efficiently. Using teamwork has also been able to improve the relationships between each member of the group. All the members in our group had different personalities, and ability’s which helped us to reach the completion our goal. We acquired skills from each member that we had never had beforehand to help us get to the completion step. Our confidence has improved and we were all more comfortable with each other and able to challenge one another and come up with a compromise.