This cycle repeats itself day after day for millions of girls

This cycle repeats itself day after day for millions of girls. It is the horror of what is now called modern day slavery, human trafficking. Most people are under the preconceived notion that slavery ended hundreds of years ago, yet the truth is that it continues every day. Over twenty-seven million people, real human beings, are sold like property every year. That’s more than the population of Texas. Even the idea of something like that is sickening in itself, but it doesn’t just happen in some far away, third world country. It happens in the United States equally so, including Chicago, Illinois. People have no idea that this kind of torture is going on every day, and I didn’t either until I met the people of the Prevention Project. The Prevention Project is a group initiative that is working on educating youth, and adults, on the horrors of human trafficking. Over the past year I have been working alongside them going to my community to spread the awareness in the hopes of creating more modern day abolitionists. My hope is that organizations like the Prevention Project can continue to get their message out by receiving funding, or that schools implement a program so that the most risk age groups can be informed about this pandemic that has swept our nation, no, planet. Yes, money is tight, but convincing our representatives to support anti-human trafficking bills to be passed would mean that more little girls could be saved.