This colonial Rule is making little to no progress for Vietnams economy

This colonial Rule is making little to no progress for Vietnams economy. Soon enough the French will have all control over Vietnam why do they need our land when they have their own? The colonial rule is only profiting the French. An unsettling amount of us are being ripped away of such benefits things like our own homes, crops and jobs due to not being paid enough for slaving away for 15 plus hours a day, how do you think this is fair for anyone? Especially for families with young children.
The individual peasant’s rice consumption decreased without the substitution of other foods we are still continuously losing our land because we are unable to repay loans. Our own people are living in poverty. Our land is being taken right from under us and we have no say. The land we once owned is being turned into rice and rubber plantations and none of it is benefiting us only the French. our local farmers are being forced into working long hours thinking they are getting paid a reasonable amount, they are being forced to work in demanding and treacherous conditions.
Our share of our crops after the property-owners, traders and the moneylenders had taken their share in profits are still being harshly cut down. This is due to the direct and indirect taxes the French are imposing to finance their ambitious program of public works . The French have troubled Vietnam with a widespread tax policy system. This includes being heavily taxed on our already low wages. Other unfair ways of forcing us to pay for plans undertaken purely for the profit of the French are that we are being forced into public works without any protection provided for us against corruption in the rubber plantations and mines.
Profit, not politics, is the driving force behind the French colonisation of Vietnam . Colonial representatives and the French companies are altering what once was Vietnams prosperous survival economy into a pro-capitalist system based mainly on land possession, uprising production, exports and very low wages. A numerous amount of us no longer work to benefit ourselves and families, we are now working to provide for the French. The French are seizing large proportions of our land and redistributing them into larger plantations.
The French are also constructing factories and building mines to get into Vietnam’s intake of coal, tin and zinc. Most of these products are being sold as exports. All of the profits from these materials are going straight into the pockets of French capitalists and officials, without them having to do the hard work that comes with it. We are having to work in devastating environments for wages that are pathetically small. Sometimes we are being paid with rice rather than money, how are we supposed to support a large family on just rice? It is very common for our workers to die on the job due to malnourishment. Now you have to think that is inhumane, how can you let this happen?
We have formerly made our own rice but by the start of the 1900s what once was our products could only be sourced through French outlets and at profoundly exaggerated prices.
We are only human, we deserve our own land at least


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