This chapter will review some important concept of service quality

This chapter will review some important concept of service quality. According to Parasuraman, the service quality can be defined as the judgment similar to attitude towards the service of overall customer perceptions and satisfaction. Parasuraman has been defined service quality as the flexibility of the organization to satisfy or exceed customer expectations. They have the difference between customer expectations of service and perceived service.
When the expected service is higher than perceived service, service is said to be of low quality than product quality. The author further suggests that there are some main of the characteristic of service: intangibility and inseparability which construct service quality an abstract concept. Nowadays, many competitive businesses where customer’s needs and wants are highly influenced where the customers have a large number of firms to satisfy their needs. Author further state that the subject of service quality is of great importance; because it has a strong impact on business performance, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.
In fact, service company sometimes use the marketing research such as surveys, through the investigation that they can find out customer needs and expectations. Furthermore, some companies they use the comment cards let customer write down their own suggestion so that companies can know which part of the service they need to improve.
In conclusion, the importance of service quality with regard to tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. It also describes and evaluates the delivery of exceptional service quality in order to meet customer expectations. This is in relation to understanding customer expectations and service quality specifications.