This article provides negative and positive aspects of attending a community college

This article provides negative and positive aspects of attending a community college. There has been a diversion created through education in colleges with ethnicity, religion, and race having such an impact on society nowadays. Mellow and Pollard provided enough reasoning to support their opinions about community colleges and provide understanding. Community colleges have become necessary to the economic and political status of the United States as a whole. The community colleges are the alternate form of education for everyone. A more affordable, less time-consuming way to further your education.

Mellow and Pollard believe that the community colleges are vital to the United States because it provides an educational opportunity to its citizens. Community colleges provide diversity that can be beneficial, such as the new partnerships that can be made from the new learning experience and environments. As the presidents to community colleges, the personal information provided to the reader helps give an idea of who the presidents are. Mellow and Pollard are hopeful to encourage others to take advantage of the community colleges to better themselves rather than being a victim of political and economic challenges. Mellow and Pollard tell how to bridge the differences that divide America through their personal information in the article. I agree that community college relations can be this difference as Mellow and Pollard are examples of. The use of statistics and data based on gender, ethnicity, and race are spoken about when Mellow and Pollard speak on the different aspects needed when pursuing an education.

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A standard high school diploma is not enough to be successful today. Community colleges are to be the leeway for everyone. Community colleges aren’t like other colleges with lengthy, and expensive admission processes. In the article “Community colleges can heal a divided America” it says, as college presidents, we call on our national leaders to work to preserve the opportunity for Americans to learn and train without exorbitant debt, to build careers and work productively with dignity”. The argument for the article is clear but, Mellow and Pollard were vague when discussing how they would ensure their movement is through. They could have held meetings, or interviews with a couple other presidents of colleges to discuss what can be done to lend a hand to those who are unaware of the opportunities. The writers, Mellow and Pollard used themselves as a comparison throughout the article to show authenticity.

Several classmates have expressed personal reasoning as for their agreeance with Mellow and Pollard. Their reasoning appears strictly one note. Logical reasoning for the opposing side of the argument in the article is left unnoticed. When compared to the article by Jackson, logical reasoning is more dominant. Little to no people argue for the colleges and their financial status compared to the crowd who speaks for the citizens.