There was no other place for me

There was no other place for me, She is the only establishment who welcomes me. As I walked on Her soft squelching sand, I could hear Her call me towards Her, asking me to come to Her and tell Her of that which is vexation me as She entwines me within Her loving Oceanic arms, but I just return a smile to Her and say, “maybe some other day”. As I watch Her immortal body rise up and crash towards the shore, I look ahead and be apprised of the majestic fireball created by our beloved God, descending and I see how alluring the Ocean looks with the fireball shining down its band of colors on Her, making Her look even more resplendent than ever. I begin to take in all these spine-tingling panoramas, I hear the laughter of juveniles playing with the Ocean and she playing with them, speedboats racing on Her, making Her laugh as it tickles Her. I then realize that I can’t stay with her forever and that I must return back to the world of enigma and perplexity.