There is a large number of persons with disability in the Philippines

There is a large number of persons with disability in the Philippines. They comprise ten percent (10%) of the total population. Increasing of their numbers are the reason of giving them an attention. Persons with disabilities experiencing from restriction of their abilities to make a daily activity like in a normal person. Oftentimes, their disabilities affect to reach their goals in life and having a low self-esteem. They most suffer from discrimination from their environment because of their physical appearance and condition. They experience difficulties in finding a job because of their limited movements. Sometimes, they suffer from abuse because their strength is not enough to fight for themselves. Also, a lot of them have a low educational background because of their condition and economical status. The restriction from their abilities and status in life leads to neglect from their family and other groups. This situation leads to enact a policies for persons with disability. One of those policies is Republic Act No. 7277, amended by Republic Act 9442, further amended by Republic Act 10754 or An Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability (PWD).
This law entitled to exemption from the value-added tax (VAT) and at least twenty percent (20%) discount for persons with disability in public, private, and other establishments. It applies to the purchases on specific goods and services. It also provides educational assistance and access to express lanes in all commercial and government establishment, in the absence thereof, priority shall be given to them. Republic Act 10754, Section 32 aimed to provide the effective implementation for persons with disability.
This study aims to know how effective the law for persons with disability at Brgy. Escopa 1,2 at 3, Proj. 4, Quezon City. This study helps to give an awareness to all persons with disability, people around them, and to all agencies implement of this law.