There are two basic types of domestic animals

There are two basic types of domestic animals; dogs and cats. There are many reasons why a pet owner chooses the companionship of a dog over a cat. However, I will always be a proud supporter of owning cats. It’s not because I hate dogs or have anything against them. I just find better companionship with furry felines. I’ve owned dogs. I’m not a completely biased cat person. The experiences with both animals were not any more of less stimulating than the other. However, I do have various reasons why I chose to own two cats rather than one dog. There are many factors that influenced my decision to own the more self-sufficient animal.
The cost and maintenance of owning a cat is substantially lower. Obviously food and cat litter can be pricey. Especially if you choose to buy cat food with real meat as the first ingredient, not grain. It makes a difference and is crucial to your cat’s health. Aside from providing basic necessities for your cat and the occasional vet visit, it’s inexpensive to own a cat. Purchasing cat toys is completely unnecessary. Cats play with trash; bread ties, boxes, and paper. Whereas dogs can be a little more expensive to maintain. The cost to train your dog, purchasing puppy pads and replace toys because they no longer squeak add up. This is where the maintenance of your pet comes into play. Cats are low maintenance compared to dogs. They do not have to be taken outside to use the restroom nor do they expect routine walks around the park. Planning a vacation, can be a hassle when you own a dog. Finding someone to dog sit or boarding them into a pet hotel while you’re gone can get expensive. Cats just need to be left a sufficient amount of food and water during your vacation. Cat owners do not need to pay someone to check on them because they are probably asleep in their favorite spot. Cats are self-sufficient.
Another influencer a pet owner needs to consider is space when deciding which animal to own. Cats do not need much space to roam, they are content in their common s


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