There are many studies surrounding health

There are many studies surrounding health, ethnicity, the differences within, and opinions of what causes of such differences. The literatures I am reviewing display themes of disparities in health, and they examine their theories through statistics that are linked to health gaps between people from an ethnic minority background. Variances within health across ethnic groups have been identified through measurements of data and analytic reports. It can be argued that although some data can be uncertain due to people categorising themselves to a preferred ethnic origin, or liberally withholding their racial background; evidently information shows that there are health disparities in society that are prevalent amongst ethnic minorities.
The Literature Reviews have differing viewpoints. Some of them present association to health social and economic factors, including inequity of race related health issues, another explores the differences in health as cultural behaviours and customs.
Peter Riley Bahr (2008) signifies differences between ethnicities, stating that nutritional behaviours are linked to the development of chronic diseases. Given the convincing amount of literature linking nutritional behaviour to health, these differences between Blacks and Whites represent evidence for the likely explanatory importance of nutrition in studies of health and race disparities.
There have been some critique from researchers surrounding the above statement; this could be down to limitations of some health and ethnicity studies. While traditional socioeconomic indicators statistically explain much of the health differences amongst ethnic minority origins, they do not uncover a whole account. (Davey Smith, G).