“The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”

“The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”, a play written by William Shakespeare, Act 1 stars some main characters, known as Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, and Tybalt. Clearly throughout the scenes, descriptions and details of the characters and their personalities are shown. The four characters are not exactly alike and not totally different, meaning that there are similarities and differences. Shakespeare introduces the play by describing a fight between the two families. The two families are an obvious hint to a difference; Romeo and Benvolio belong to the Montague family, whereas Juliet and Tybalt to the Capulets. When the fight was about to get heated, Tybalt and Benvolio were introduced. Benvolio as the peacemaker, the levelheaded one and Tybalt as the troublemaker, the hot-headed one. Benvolio’s cousin, Romeo is a man, so he has the luxury of being able to travel along and into the city. Juliet, on the other hand, is a lady, an underaged girl about to turn fourteen. Due to the dangers of traveling alone, Juliet can not do what Romeo takes for granted. Earlier in the play, before Romeo falls in love with Juliet, he was lamenting about his lost love for Rosaline, about the experiences of love and the soul crushing effects it has on a person. Unfortunately, both Benvolio and Juliet had not yet the pleasure, before the party. Benvolio had proved this by answering simply to look for another beauty for Romeo’s problem. If he had been in love before, Benvolio would have known that it is not easy to stop loving someone. Juliet is thirteen years old and had no previous romantic relationships. While Romeo and Benvolio had their conversation of Rosaline’s rejection, it was clear that Benvolio’s nature was to be straightforward and Romeo’s to use poetry-like language to avoid answering. When asking of the problem, Benvolio directly asked and Romeo’s response was to twist his words into describing the woman, but not naming the woman until later on. In addition to the differences that were stated, there are similarities between the characters. For example, the two Montagues have names that end in “o”s and unsurprisingly, the two Capulets have names that end in “t”s. Benvolio and Tybalt are first cousins of the two main protagonists, Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio to Romeo and Tybalt to Juliet. In the opening scene, Tybalt and Benvolio’s loyalty to their families are demonstrated in their willingness to draw swords. They would risk their lives to prove their family to be the better of the two. In addition to proving their loyalties, the opening scene also allowed the two to show their sword skills.