The term intersectionality is the concept of how social categorizations such as race

The term intersectionality is the concept of how social categorizations such as race, gender and class relate to a certain group of people. It creates an interdependent system of discrimination. This is due to its nature to categorize people into different groups. Intersectionality in the Feminist theory as described by KimberlĂ© Crenshaw in the year 1989, “is a concept that is applied in critical theories to show how the above social categorizations are interdependent as they cannot be looked into individually” (Intersectionality). When social categorizations are examined interdependent, it becomes difficult to look at all the kinds of discrimination as only one is considered. Intersectionality is also explained as the system that visualizes how discrimination affects all kinds of people. To range the capacity of discrimination this people face, intersectionality looks at the people’s different characteristics and experiences and the experiences relationship (What is intersectionality, and what does it have to do with me?). Alison (2008), in her book ‘The Feminist Philosophy Reader’, stated that “Crenshaw’s idea of intersectionality clearly represented the multiple diverse ways in which women face domestic violence” (Cuomo). Alison (2008), applied the intersectionality concept to demonstrate the interactions between race and gender so as to categorize black women’s employment experiences (Cuomo). Without intersectionality, Alison could have just categorized women’s employment experiences, but with intersectionality, she was able to group her study to black women as she put into consideration the race category.