The result the Shay’s Rebellion is a failure

The result the Shay’s Rebellion is a failure, Daniel Shays and more than a thousand of rebel was took down and finally arrested, but later, mostly of them including Shays received pardons and didn’t get executed. But the real threat wasn’t the rebellion but the form of government during the time “Articles of Confederation”, which gave most of the powers to the states, and the federal government consisted only of a legislature. The inability of the federal government to maintain law and order, cause each states government to do whatever they desired like parents spoiled their kids. For this case, Massachusetts choose not to pass the law and cause the rebellion.

However, from this rebellion helped United States move one step closer to the new constitution, Shay’s Rebellion illustrates the need for a new stronger constitution. Even Thomas Jefferson wrote letter to James Madison, “A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is a Good Thing.”
For myself I would be on Shay’s side, he tries to stop the trial and imprisonment of the poor people who can’t effort to paid off their debt and the rebellion is also one of the movements that lead to the United States of Constitution.

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