The play “Fences” By August Wilson is a play that uses the baseball to show how complicated Troy’s life was

The play “Fences” By August Wilson is a play that uses the baseball to show how complicated Troy’s life was. It’s mainly about Troy’s life battle and the conflict he have with his family. He also had a problem with his Son Cory and wasn’t in a stable relationship with his Wife Rose because he had a mistress. The story twists when he selects Alberto his mistress by going against his family. It’s mostly about the struggle and pain Troy’s family go through because Troy think whatever his beliefs are no matter what they always have to be right no matter what the consequence are. How does the main concept plays a role in Troy’s life and his Family?
Troy have a really strong sense when it come to his family and the decisions he makes for them through his beliefs. One example is when he tells Cory ” I am the boss around here, i do the only saying what counts..” (Act, Scene). This shows that whatever he says everyone in the family has to obey him. He says this to Cory because he was against him being a baseball player and he didn’t tell him till Cory’s success got complicated. Troy was also a baseball player but before they started accepting all black race he was already aged to play again so he didn’t get a chance to replay any match. Troy also told his Coach that Cory won’t be playing anymore by making an excuse which created hatred between the father and the son. When Cory asked his dad, does he like his son or not he replied that as a man of the house it’s his job to take care of his family it’s doesn’t matter if he likes him or not it’s his duty to take care of him and his demands. This indicated that his family is just a duty to him nothing more than that.
Another example, is when he explains that he doesn’t care his feelings, he only does all this because it’s his responsibility and it shows when he states, ” I owe a responsibility to you..” (act scene) One of the major differences was they grew up in two different environment so their ideas doesn’t get along the same way. The circumstances Troy went through Cory never faced those obstacles or its consequences. For example, Cory is a very talented guy who loves any sports specially basketball and he is going to get a scholarship for being the best player at basketball. Troy gives him a lot of excuses to not go to practice because he is feared that he is going to more successful than him. Cory states, “The Braves got Hank Aaron and Wes Covington. Hank Aaron hit two home runs today. That makes forty-three.” Troy replies, “Hank Aaron ain’t nobody.” This give us an indication that son is trying to explain that no matter what their race is even different race could make a big difference and be successful their own way