The Mongols began conquering in the 13th century under the rule of Ghengis Khan

The Mongols began conquering in the 13th century under the rule of Ghengis Khan. The empire he created was labeled barbaric because of the tactics that he used to create his empire.
Mongals were ruthless murderers who didn’t mind killing and were known for slaughtering millions. When they attacked cities they would sever the head from men, women, and children and stack their bodies in different piles. The Mongols would kill everything, even animals until there was nothing left. In Riazen there were no survivors after the Mongol attack(Doc.4).
John of Plano Carpini said that when attacking the Mongols would take the fat from people, melt it and throw in onto houses and if it caught fire it was almost inextinguishable. The Mongols would also promise to let the people live if the surrendered and would instead take the people they wanted and would kill the rest with axes(Doc.3)Persian manuscripts that were found showed a prisoner being executed by being repeatedly shot by arrows. While that was happening, other men were buried alive upside-down with their heads in the dirt(Doc.5).
In the Mongolian culture, it was honorable to get drunk. But if you got drunk more than three times a month it was a punishable offense. Each man was also able to have as many wives as he could keep. They can also marry one of their father’s wives after he dies as long as it isn’t his mother. The wives were sold at very high prices from their parents(Doc.10).
The Mongols were viewed as ruthless murderers who slaughtered millions. Even though they had a strategy in battle it doesn’t mean that they could murder and torture and have almost every punishment result in death.


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