The first 3D concrete printed house in the world has been started by Project Milestone

The first 3D concrete printed house in the world has been started by Project Milestone. This technology will allow the houses to have with all building regulations. A general contractor BAM started a larger part of this infrastructure project. 3D printing in concrete is a variety of trial structures. World’s first 3D-printed concrete building is in the Philippines called 3D-printed Concrete Hotel. The 3D Concrete House Printer can design of building up to 2 floors with 2150 sq./ft. for each floor. Print speed for 1076 sq/ft house with a height of 10 feet is 2 days.
But before we use The 3D Concrete House Printer, we need to prepare the house plans with programs such as AutoCAD, 3D Max, Photoshop, Revit, Sketch-Up etc. The most common programs that we use in the U.S. for construction plans are AutoCAD and Revit
? What is the AutoCAD Program?
AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) program; was first developed in 1980 by the American-Based Autodesk company and is a widely used. Drawings complete with AutoCAD, and it’s one of the first vector based drawing programs in the world. Two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawings can be made easily with the AutoCAD program. DWG is one of the most recognized technical drawing formats in the world and it is the official file extension of AutoCAD. DXF extension files developed by AutoCAD, drawings can be used interactively with other CAD programs.
This world-famous design program, which is widely preferred by engineers, architects, technical artists, and technicians, helps you to realize visually successful programs in the simplest way. In addition, this program can be used in many different sectors such as mechanical engineers, civil engineers, furniture decoration industry, electrical and electronics engineering.
If we need to give examples of the application areas of this program; for example, you will design a phone as an industrial designer or simply design a lamp. This program allows you to refine these products to the finest detail while designing them, making them perfect for sending your design to the factory.
AutoCAD is an advanced computer-aided design program for all types of users to design three-dimensional and two-dimensional designs. Users can use the AutoCAD program to plan a building, draw a machine part and design the model of a room to be decorated in computer environment. Designs can be made with engineering approach with AutoCAD program which provides flexible and customizable design to the users. The AutoCAD program also allows analysis and simulation of designs that will be subjected to impact and load. By using AutoCAD program, users can analyze the strength of their design with finite element analysis and similar methods. The weaknesses and strengths of the design analysis are; areas under high tension are strengthened, areas with less stress are thinned and optimum materials can be obtained to achieve minimum material cost and maximum durability.
The use of the AutoCAD program, a pioneer in many aspects among CAD programs, is similar to other CAD programs. With the AutoCAD program, detailed and precise drawings can be made starting from simple geometric shapes. Users can easily draw with mouse clicks on the area in the center of the screen by selecting the geometric shape they want to draw from the drawing toolbar at the top of the program. Two-dimensional drawings can be easily transformed into a three-dimensional solid model with simple but useful commands such as Extrude in AuoCAD.
AutoCAD program; It is used even in architectural projects and designs, machinery and automation designs, mechanics, electricity sector and even in the entertainment industry. With the rendering feature in AutoCAD program, it can be ensured that realistic textures are taken after the light and shadow settings are made on the three-dimensional designs that have been completed. The Render feature is a useful feature that is frequently used to present the completed production of three-dimensional projects. Two AutoCAD imaging programs have been developed by Autodesk in order to display the drawings in AutoCAD program when AutoCAD program is not available. The first one is the DWG TrueView program. With AutoCAD DWG TrueView, DWG-type AutoCAD files can be easily viewed on computers. This program supports DWG format files as well as DWF and DXF extensions.
AutoCAD 360 is another imaging program offered to users by Autodesk. The AutoCAD 360 program is notable for its special viewing support for mobile platforms. With the AutoCAD 360, which works in harmony with iOS and Android, the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world; CAD drawings can be displayed, even small adjustments can be made over the phone or tablet when needed.
? What is the Revit Program?
The Revit program was first prepared in 1999 by a group of developers working on advanced CAD programs such as Pro Engineer, SolidWorks, and was released in 2000 under the name Revit Building. Revit Technology, which developed 4 versions between 2000 and 2002, was acquired by Autodesk in 2002, which is the owner of advanced CAD programs such as AutoCAD and its name has been changed to Revit Architecture. With the addition of other engineering and design disciplines by the Autodesk company in 2013, the name of the program has been revised as Revit.
With the Revit program, which was intended for the use of architects and civil engineers in their first versions, they provided effective solutions for the design of parametric three-dimensional structures without depending on geometry. With the Autodesk Revit program, building and building components can be designed in three dimensions. Drawings and descriptions of 2D elements in the model database can be used. Drawing of the three-dimensional floor plans, taking the sections of the prepared designs, preparing the quantities and even modeling the land can be prepared effectively with Revit. Efficient visualization of 3D designs prepared with Revit program can be done. The Autodesk Revit program also has an advanced Import / Export module. Designs prepared in other programs can be edited with Revit, and designs prepared on the program can be saved in formats supported by other programs. Thus, designs can be accessed by users who do not use Revit, such as 3ds Max and AutoCAD. With the Revit program, you can simultaneously execute your projects in the cloud. This allows you to accelerate your projects and progress with minimal error.