The expanding use of English around the world is due to a variety of reasons

The expanding use of English around the world is due to a variety of reasons. Crystal (2003) maintains that this increase can primarily be attributed to the British colonization era of the seventeenth century. He goes on to maintain that this increase in use is related to the industrial revolution headed by Britain during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition, he argues that the role played by the United States of America as an economic and military power is the major reason for this increased use of the language since the last epoch of the nineteenth century. Graddol (1997) points out that this spread will continue to the 21st century.
The dominance of the English speaking countries in various fields gives English an even higher status, and helps it to be predominant over other living languages. Crystal (2003) states that English now is the dominant language of international relations, security and travel, media, education, and communications. McKay (2002) asserts that this widespread use of English in these areas makes it ‘imperative’ for any country wishing to become part of the global community. This is easily observable from the increasing numbers of people in the world today who want to learn English so as to benefit from the opportunities that speaking English can provide.