The eerie darkness of that night would never escape my memory

The eerie darkness of that night would never escape my memory. I clearly remember the pitch-black curtain draped over the sky, and the twisted, warped shapes that the stars made against the blackness. Night was when the beasts were let loose in the world, created to frighten and destroy any ounce of light left . The wind blew ferociously, the moon shone brightly and the craters formed a devilish face looking down at them, ravens flew around the place, leaves were falling off dying trees and the atmosphere sent chills running up and down my spine. In the distance there was a brief sighting of a lighthouse, it had vines twisting all the way round it to the top, bits of concrete were cracked and the closer I got the more my stomach churned, I grew an immense fear that something was following me, twigs started to snap underneath my toes, the lights in the ocean looked like eyes watching my every move, yet glancing up, the milky speckles twirled and danced along the sky in various patterns, and even though this fear was overpowering me the lights formed rays, tugging at the corners of my lips in a way that almost made me smile. It was hard to shove aside the worries corrupting my mind, but eventually, I stopped walking over the soft yet grainy sand below my feet and just… stopped thinking. I was alone. Nothing from my life could touch me. Not a single thing could harm me. The trees were rustling silently while the birds croak obnoxiously, my vision starts to get blurry in the tenebrosity and I see shadowy figures from the corner of my eye but everytime I look around; nothing. I stared up at the sky and studied the silver glow of the moon illuminating the slow waves crashing. The moon shone down at me with love so intense it warmed my soul like a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. And there I was, standing on the shore at midnight to escape my life, not wanting to do anything but cry, not because I was sad and not because I was happy but because I felt so content in this exact moment all my emotions wanted to break free..

In the daytime there was the swirl of pollution in the hazy sunlight. The air is barely fit to breathe and the street noise is enough to cause permanent ear damage. There were street vendors and pickpockets, illegal pop-up shops and drug dealers, muggers and thieves but this was only one side, the rest was a magnificent mystery. I live in a small apartment on the corner of an almost isolated street, the exterior of my building is a bright green, contrasted to the grey and white surrounding it, I feel different, special even. In my room the orange and pink streaks of the sunrise shine through my windows and made strange shapes around my room, I could lay in my bed and get tangled up in the rays all day watching them move and tell a story, as if it was a lullaby consoling me, and the wallpaper, yellow and pink wallpaper, slightly worn out due to the abuse it’s had, scratching, peeling, things being thrown at it but even broken it looked beautiful, Through my window the eagles form dark shadows against the vast light blue sky. When you step outside into the blinding brightness, you feel a sense of contentment running through your veins, Bearfoot, the sizzling concrete causes my feet to turn numb, I did not seem to mind it though, I focus on my breathing , in and out, in and out, The sound of car horn honking start to fill my ears and I get lost in the soundwaves, the wind lightly blowing my golden hair, I feel as if I am slowing melting into the earth and nothing could bring down my mood. By night there was no-one. The street lights one by one turned into darkness, It is an everlasting blackout and the only colour left is my glowing green building, my temple. The streets were utterly deserted, only the litter moved over the grime. As no one ever went outside. Afraid of the world, I could say they were, not me though I want to explore and find new things, I want to escape. I barely get to sleep at night, I sit on my big worn out peach coloured flower printed chair while I watch the sun set and rise, I love watching the sky changing colour hour after hour, I watch the moon slowly sink behind the edge of the world and the glowing sn emerge from the other side. At 6am The light is a pale blue, streaks of pink paint the sky and all the monsters remote control collars give them a tranquilizer injection. They are gone. I will be too, soon enough.

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