The Concierge service Eureka could use 1stor 3rdoption

The Concierge service Eureka could use 1stor 3rdoption. The 1stvoice line and DSL option would be the cheapest one and it has its advantages. It is high-speed internet where theupload and download speeds vary, but they are usually faster than dial-up. Even though DSL uses telephone lines, you can connect to the web and talk on the phone simultaneously.The disadvantage of DSL is that it’s not reliable, becausethe distance to the provider determines the strength of the connection.The 2ndoption is separation the voice and dataneeds, using analog for voice and advanced digital transmission, would be not asexpensive as all-digital, butthe conciergeservice is spending a lot of time on the phone, so it can’t afford to lose connection with the customers. The disadvantage of using analog data is that the quality can be degraded by nose, it would require high-quality processing, which needs more expensive hardware. The advantage of analog would be thatthere are noquantization errors, requires less bandwidth, and there are less pre-processing requirements.The 3rdoptions for company to use all digital services could be the bestoption, because for $60 per month the circuit provides 2 lines, which could be used for both, voice calls or data. In the modern world most of the common carriers use digital transmission because of fast processing, easier for storage, strong immunity to noise, error correction possibilities. The disadvantage is quantizationerrors, high bandwidth requirements due to pulse signals, less accurate due to finite set of data.