The book lacks an in depth deliberation on the importance of planning

The book lacks an in depth deliberation on the importance of planning, strategic thinking, a specific master plan and strategy. The Team of Teams thought process allows organisations to be adaptable and resilient, but there is definite and irreplaceable role for forethought and strategy. Maybe it’s as simple as the old proverb ‘the plan is nothing but planning is everything’. One simple reason for this maybe the author’s deliberate effort to avoid any classified discussions or data to be included, as this would all be then made available on the open source.The book is only 252 pages long but it is full of simple time-tested ideas that can be put into action with little cost. The difficult part of acting within the shared consciousness that General Stan McChrystal describes is getting your team to realise they are empowered to make decisions. This task mostly falls on the senior leaders of an organisation. This method can be exhausting and requires resilient and disciplined leadership at all levels, but the rewards are unmatched.


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