The average life expectancy at birth of the global population is 71 years in 2015

The average life expectancy at birth of the global population is 71 years in 2015. If we assume that person becomes adult at the age of 18, then he got around 20,000mornings (71-18=56years and 56*365=20440 days). It means you have 20,000 mornings to live your life and change your life in a good way. You should spend each morning productively and happily without wasting it. Morning is the time which decides your mood for the whole day, so it should be good so that you can energetic for the whole day. Here are the ways to get most out of your mornings-
1- Wake up early
The very popular phrase ”Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” really works. Early waking up makes it possible to do more and it also adds more hours to our morning. You can use these extra hours to do your favorite things like exercising, meditating. Get out of the bed as soon as your alarm rings, don’t be lazy, and don’t add extra 10 minutes to your sleep.
2- Decide your morning ritual
Everyone has some morning rituals like drinking glass of water with lemon or open the window for fresh air or jogging with your dog. These rituals become the habits and good habits are always useful for you. In the beginning it would be difficult but once it will be your habit then you won’t feel lazy about it and it will become part of your life.
3- Keep the phones away
Smarts phones are the new addiction for us; it’s always in our hand. It is best to keep the phone in the kitchen or in other room because you will definitely scroll the social network all night and you will check phone first thing in the morning, it keeps you distracted, and decreases your concentration and creativity.
4- Make plans in advance
Before going to bed, decide your schedule for tomorrow. Write down the plan and follow it. This will definitely save you lots of time in the morning and help forms good habits, because it hardly take 10-15 minutes in the night to decide what to do next day but it take an hour in the morning.
5- Healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it should be healthy and nutritious. A hearty breakfast gives charge to the mental and physical activity. But it does not mean that you should spend lots of time cooking the breakfast; you can save the same and finish another important work.
How we spend our morning decides our whole day, and our decisions of the day decide our life. So it’s important that every morning is good and productive.


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