“Take action and pursue our goals with enthusiasm”

“Take action and pursue our goals with enthusiasm”. The Victoria Park C.I’s International Baccalaureate program had always been one of my goals since early 2017. Then again now is the time of year you are seeking applicants who are suitable for your program. In addition, the applicants also need to be suitable for the teachers because nobody wants a student who doesn’t wear deodorant. However, not only do I wear deodorant, but I also seem to be a communicator, balanced in many ways, and open-minded towards my fellow students, and of course also for my hardworking teachers. I believe that everyone can make a difference in the world and I too would like to have a spot on that list, starting with attending the Victoria Park C.I IB program.

Communication is très important because we need to find ways to express our feelings and emotion, no matter how it is expressed, such as sound, touch or expressions (its called expression for a reason). First of all, I can express my feelings in many languages, I can speak fluent English, Mandarin and I am working on my French. An example of this is that last year, I won first place in a Mandarin story telling competition, large amounts of expression, creativity, and confidence was needed to surpass the other competitors. In addition, I can express myself through other forms, such as music, and drama. I play for the band at Kennedy P.S but sadly, there is no drama club. In the band we have to work as a team to follow instructions and respect others roles and parts as we work to produce a great sounding ensemble.

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Being balanced is another critical attribute to have because it focuses on the whole person. This is an important point because achieving academic excellence is only a portion of what you have to achieve to push yourself to your fullest. Some of the examples of being in “balance” is joining band, being involved in physical sports like volleyball, and attending student council. These embrace the importance of physical, emotional and intellectual balance. For example, music can be used to show emotion through sound, volleyball is not only physical but to score that point you need to know how where to aim the ball and how to predict where the opposing team will aim their ball. These all help us gain a sense of friendship and realize each others strengths and weaknesses, or what I would call uniqueness.

Being open-minded is one of the many things people want us to literally drill into our brain, luckily for me, I had someone who did it for me. One of the primary reasons that we need this skill is that being open minded is something that helps us recognize who we are. For example, my mother teaches me all about my history, where I originated from, historical concepts, and way more. In addition to that, she sent my to a mandarin heritage class which furthermore explains my language and fairytales of the Chinese. However that doesn’t make me dislike there traditions and cultures as I believe each person has the right to freedom and to choose their own religious belief. Furthermore, everyone has their own point of view towards their reason and I find it interesting why people believe in their beliefs.

In the end, I hope you enjoyed reading my essay as there is more to come. I also hope that you consider my application and on a further note I am one of the rare ones who equips deodorant.