Strengths (Internal factor supports company to development)
1. Advertising capabilities, which can improve brand awareness and create huge demand for the company’s products
2. Strong and extensive distribution channels in the USA.
3. Vertical integration
4. Brand awareness and reputation
5. Stable financial performance with one of the strongest cash flows Weaknesses (Internal factor reduces company performance)
1. Overdependence on iPhone sales
2. Less distribution channels in India
3. Low investment on research and development, compared with other companies causes fewer innovations and advanced products, which can be released to the market.
4. Incompatibility with other operating system.

Opportunities (External factor promotes the growth of business and gains more profits)
1. The Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow significantly over the next decade
2. Health-related wearable accessory could be released to the market in the future.
3. Expanding mobile payments market
4. The mobile enterprise app market will be more thriving, because more businesses toward buying subscription-based software. Threats (External factor usually lower business performance and hamper the growth of business.)
1. More intensive competition puts more pressure on market, will decrease the profits and sales of Apple.
2. Strong U.S. dollar
3. Lawsuits over patent infringements will decrease brand reputation
4. Risk of data breaches

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