Step1- Create a company and describe what service or product it provides

Create a company and describe what service or product it provides. You must base this on your company own experience, your own fictional company
• What is a your Company name?
Ans-our fictional company name is singh brother software and app solutions.
• What Company do or provide?
Ans-This Company design various kinds of software for government schools, private sector we develop a software and app in different technology like android and Ios operating system which is a highly demandable in these days so we provide app and software to our clients or customers. In this Software Company which has a great team who are working all kinds of fields of technology who use these days’ mobile app platform and software different types as I mentioned here.
• How Big is this company?
Ans-singh brother’s software and app solutions are great platform for software and mobile app world it is a successful company with large employees are working in this company. It was started in year 2008 with some small number of employees around 35 figure of terms in year 2008 and Now it is achieve the height of success around 2500 employees are currently working in this company it is a huge. It headquarters in Patiala and some parts of north India, Chandigarh some parts of the world like USA and Canada, Europe etc.
• Company require to be protected and why?
Ans-Every company want to be requiring providing security for data how we secret files store safely and business documents of company. Now in these days data files not safe more because hacker using some internet hacking tools like metasploit and kali Linux or more so we try to find solution stop these kind of activates gathering information about how these tools are working and take measures to stop these things company also create strong backup plan for phones, system or software like security backup and who help to secure the data for these exploit .our expert team create security plans create a strong pattern for sign up and use fingerprint technology for each employee and for customers .
Create a disaster recovery plan
• Describe backup and recovery plan for your company.
Ans-Disaster recovery plan is helpful for securing company data and save files of system. Company backup plan huge storage amount of hardware and good quality software available all time for data safe plan for company.
• What technologies (hardware and/or software) would you use?
Ans-hardware-company use some hardware like laptops and desktop computers modems, routers, mobile phones, telephones, fax machines and network routers for networking moreover we used laser printers and scanner for printing and projector for screening and it mostly use in meetings or conferences. Moreover company create app for phone so we use mobile hardware tools and kit for open mobile and check the app during testing.
Software-.Java application software, Android software tools, Database tools, IOS operating system, Code editors, git hub tools, Linux system github and command line tools,etc.
• Is this backup for operational, recovery, archival, or a combination?
Ans-our company used recovery /operational as well archival and combinations actually why we use these backups plan because it saves the company from any kind of trouble of loss of data, Error in application hardware crash, data theft or any kind of natural incidents. Moreover recovery backup is a regular concept for company to check data or transactions of company are safe. Lastly we assure about any human mistake in any system so senior hardware team handle that situation to provide information about these systems.
In operational plan using expert team we don’t need any kind of redo work again because it create the automatically saving the data in our system disk and hard drive of company systems.
Natural or Disaster plan –It is a main factor of any accidental or natural disaster happened some time so company used that time or will use huge data tape or hard disks for store data when anything happen we day to date save data if any things happen earth quake or disaster or tsunami.
• How often does it have to occur?
Ans-obviously every company securing data, company domain, privacy data files etc. Our company employee or expert team ready to save data every day/night time to handle any situations data failure affect the company system .so we learn through our mistake it could not happening again so that’s why we setup company hardware under expert team which maintain our system more secure .so we calculate the time and weekly assessment by some estimated values of these plans for the time and weekly assessment by some estimated values of these plans for example 6 hours in a 5 days recovery plans and calculate these with 6*5=30 hours we spend this time which is a estimated as example I use this for our back up plans. Company take first action and after this we maintain whole system error free.
• How long will the backup take?
Ans- our company is a big so we need time to do these things but we are prepare for any time it’s up to situation but kind of data corruption or any kind of attack in our files whether it was or will be disaster/any kind of recovery best way for this different kind of tools and software and hardware are good quality methods used through internet and offline tools ready otherwise if any error like slow networking/network failure its take a time.
• How resilient is your company to any downtime while the recovery takes place?
Ans-some points about this discuss here.
1. Company have storage disks and hard drive used for all back up. Data backup plans are more secure like we are associated with Expert team who create some images file of systems so we use that any time if any misconception happening.
2. We create some files in company software which runs under our client id or password security key provide which are more secure and system are private so we provide these network only for our clients no third person access this.
• When does it have to occur?
Ans-company updates this recovery choosing a day in weekday not any particular day or some error in system then we need to fix them. Backup plan for every updating because some time operations are critical so it search by all team member of company hard-core team who are expert to handle these kind of any situation.
Step 3-
• Advantages of this plan?
1. It helps create reliability in our system by recovery plans.
2. Updating the system more secure and avoid any misconceptions any in security data.
3. We gain lot of Knowledge about backup work and importance about backup operational work and learned but weakness in our system how to fix it.
• Disadvantage of this plan?
Ans-1 Company buys expensive tools hardware, software equipment that helps the recovery of lost data for company if any tool not working whole money lost.
2. When company networking setup by expert to helping for employee or client and customer with one place to another if anything happened with this setup whole process failed which means loss of money and damage recovery plan of company.
• what if any limitations that you must place on your plan because of your company?
Ans-yes limitations we find when we do working with good company especially for these plans help to find these limitations.
2. Expensive Tools used by company for storage database are so company provide these things to employee or our customers for use if any error system failed these are also limitations.
3. I think Company need more safe backup like disks and tape rather than cloud or internet drive for employee or client this is saving time and secure so other thing not any deadline for these backup this is a limitations.
REFERENCE-Conestoga notes I use for question