Sledge is a versatile operator with good guns

Sledge is a versatile operator with good guns, who is good for players who have just got the game. His primary weapon is the L85A2 Assault weapon which is arguably the most balanced weapon in the game, it has low recoil, medium damage, a 31 bullet magazine and a slow fire rate. His other primary weapon is the M59OA1, which is a pump action shotgun with a slow fire rate, lots of recoil, high damage and low magazine capacity. It is one of the best shotguns in the game. His secondary’s are the SMG 11, a strong secondary weapon with high fire rate, high recoil and low damage, and the P226 MK25, which is an average pistol. His special ability is a sledge hammer, which enables him to smash his way through unreinforced walls and floors. His gadget is either a frag grenade, a grenade which explodes causing damage and destroying unreinforced floors and walls. His other gadget is a stun grenade which flashes the enemy, turning their screen white so they can’t see. He is a 2 armour, 2 speed operator.

Thatcher is a utility operator with decent guns, his primary is the same as sledge (the L85A2), and has an AR33, which has a fast fire rate, high recoil, 31 bullets in a magazine, and average damage, His secondary is the P226 MK25, an average pistol. His gadgets are either a claymore, a device which gets placed on the ground, and when a defender runs into its red lasers it explodes, killing them, or a stun grenade. His ability is an E.M.P grenade which explodes destroying all defender gadgets in range (CED’s, Jammers, ADS’, Holograms etc.). He is a 2 armour, 2 speed operator which is balanced.

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Ash is a 3 speed, 1 armour operator with brilliant guns. Her R4-C has high recoil, high damage, a fast fire rate and 31 bullets in a magazine, her other primary is the G36-C has low recoil, high damage and a medium fire rate, it has 31 bullets in magazine. Her secondary guns are the M45 Meusoc, a high damage, semi-auto pistol with 8 bullets in a magazine. Her other secondary is the 45 USG, which is a low damage, semi-auto pistol, with 18 bullets in a magazine. Her special ability is a grenade launcher which fires a grenade which burrows into destructible walls and floors. It creates a human sized hole to charge through. Her gadget is a stun grenade or a breach charge, which takes 3 seconds to place on destructible walls, and is remotely exploded to create a human sized hole.

Thermite is a 2 armour, 2 speed operator with decent guns. His 556XI has low recoil, medium damage and a high fire rate, it has 31 bullets in a magazine, and his other primary is the M1014, a semi-automatic, medium range, high damage shotgun, with 8 bullets chambered. His secondaries are the same as Ash’s, but his special ability is a breach charge which can cut through REINFORCED walls. Only 2 people in the game can do that, this opens up lines of sight and leaves defenders exposed and open to fire. His gadgets are stun grenades and claymores.

Montagne is a 3 armour, 3 speed operator with a massive shield which covers the front of his body. He is a walking wall (RockPaperShotgun,2018).