Slang is something that everybody can recognize but nobody can define

Slang is something that everybody can recognize but nobody can define. The
literal meaning of slang according to the Oxford dictionary is a type of language
consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more
common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or
group of people. Finegan (2008) said that slang is particularly popular among
teenagers and college students in general. Akmajian (1998) also added that slang has
some salient features, first slang is part of casual informal styles of language use,
second slang is like fashions in clothing and popular music, changes quite rapidly,
third specific areas of slang are often associated with a particular social group, and
hence one can speak of teenage slang, underworld (criminal) slang, the slang of the
drug culture and so on.
The speaker uses slang in order to achieve social dynamics with the people to
whom he/she is speaking and slang outlines social spaces, and attitudes towards
slang helps identify and construct social groups and identity (Adams, 2009, p.57). It
means that when you use slang, you expose your ideas, your feeling, your attitude as
how you want to perceive the people that talk to you and how you want those people
to perceive you, to infer what you mean. Adams believe that slang can just as well be
playful and a joking way of rebelling against standard language to mark the
difference between e.g. parents and children (in-crowd versus out-crowd), but the
children do not necessarily have wicked intentions with the use of slang.