Shining Outline Introduction Hook

Shining Outline
Hook: Literature is much like art, there are many ways to interpret it. It can represent the author’s mind, social era, and/or time period.
Thesis : Stephen King’s life is represented through much of The Shining. He has created characters to reflect his most important times in life. Danny represents his childhood, Jack represents his struggles as an adult, and finally the Overlook Hotel as his mind.
Claim : Danny Torrance symbolizes the biggest struggle that King faced in his childhood.
Data :
Warrant : Danny deals with his father’s alcohol issues and his anger. He can see past almost anything and everything even the time when his dad broke his arm when he was just 3 years old. The one thing he nevers wants to happen, the thing he is most scared of is the separation of his parents. Divorce. That’s his biggest fear as a 4 year old. This reflects Stephen King’s life as his parents had divorced when he was just a toddler as so he had gone back and forth between his parents.