Security always used to be a major challenge in wearable devices

Security always used to be a major challenge in wearable devices. From the research, it shows that
wearable devices are not fully secure. These devices have a small processor therefore it is hard to apply
traditional data security measures. Also, wearable devices are not easy to update because they are not
frequently communicating with the internet. Further, there are less mechanism available related to the
user authentication in the wearable devices. Anyone can easily access all the information available in
wearable devices without any concerns because all the data in the device is stored without PIN protection,
security fingerprints or encryption.
Wearable devices are generating and storing huge amount of data in it, therefore one of the key issues
in these devices is to securely transfer or storing the data. Security is significant for these devices, as
they are containing sensitive information of the users. During processing, devices must be secure, when
communicating and storing data from the system and device


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