Sarah Speed Roger Reynolds ENG 1101 10 November 2018 Rough Draft The weather was beautiful the day was calm and the atmosphere peaceful

Sarah Speed
Roger Reynolds
ENG 1101
10 November 2018
Rough Draft
The weather was beautiful the day was calm and the atmosphere peaceful. But all that beauty was soon to be shattered when the ground suddenly began to shake. The earth began to rumble and move, the buildings started to shudder and collapse at the same time the trees quaked while being tied endlessly to the convulsing earth below them. After what seemed like eternity the earth finally ceased its torment and calmed, as the minutes stretched it seemed that all was still and well again. As peace settled upon everything nature tried to restore itself however it was broken again but this time not it by an earthquake, but by a tremendous wave. Death came not once but twice that day, once by earthquake and again by a gruesome tsunami. But why did these events come together as one horrendous incident and not months apart? Could the earthquake truly cause the tsunami?
An earthquake is caused when two tectonic plates of earth meet one another. Deep below the earth surface where the earthquake starts is called hypocenter (Lisa Ward, ND). Then after it is started at the hypocenter it moves its way up towards the crust. Earthquakes are hard to predict and because the earths plates are constantly moving. A machine called a seismogram is used to record to absorb movement of the earthquake. Earthquakes are very strong they can uproot trees, bring buildings down, and make mountains shake (Lisa Ward, ND). Scientist continue to try to predict these powerful earthquakes but are unsuccessful. Because of the faults movements it is hard to track them and predict when two would collide (Lisa Ward, ND). Earthquakes can kill thousands of people and destroyed cities, it is always important to plan out what you would do if one were to hit where you live so you and your loved ones can remain safe. In a article done by Australian Bureau of Meteorology they describe a “tsunami is a series of ocean waves with long wavelengths caused by a large scale disturbance of the ocean” (Australia’s official weather forecasts ; weather radar). When a tsunami approaches land as it reaches the shallow or parts of the coast it will begin to slow but as the tsunami slows its height will continue to grow. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology call this “shoaling” (Australia’s official weather forecasts & weather radar). When a tsunami hits it initially is destructive but its when it’s when the waters retreat into the ocean that things go wrong (Australia’s official weather forecasts & weather radar). The strength of the water retreating will bring with it the sands of the beaches, houses, trees, cars, people, and anything it can grab. Many people have lost their fives and love ones to a tsunami. The best way to escape its grip is to travel to high ground as fast as you can before the wave hits. We’ve gone over earthquakes and tsunami’s but do these things connect with each other? Certain earthquakes are actually able to cause tsunami’s. An underwater earthquake is most likely to cause the birth of a tsunami. When the plates collide deep in the sea the movement pushes the water over itself(Cardiff, Wales). The seafloor is uplifted only a few meters but that causes the water to send a series of waves upward from the epicenter of the earthquake. The waves travel away from the earthquake in all directions and speeds(Cardiff, Wales). And the height of them depends on the distance direction and the shape of the sea floor and coastline. In a article done by Wales on Sunday they say “Only earthquakes more than 7.5 in magnitude are able to generate a tsunami” (Cardiff, Wales). Every year about to tsunami’s cause major damage. But only about two per decade caused damages in debt. Tsunami’s and earthquakes are both devastating works of nature. How they are able to work together to kickstart another and travel such large distances and cause so much damage is quite incredible in itself. Not all earthquakes cause tsunami’s but some are able to give birth to the another. These relentless works of nature are dangerous and should not be underestimated. You should always take precautions for them and know exactly what to do when one it’s on its way. The lives of your family and yourself might be at risk if you do not take the cautions from these deadly and catastrophic events.

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