Sadly only 44% of children enrol in school

Sadly only 44% of children enrol in school (46% for boys and 42% for girls). Also, a large amount of 6 year olds, who should be moving on to primary education, are still in pre-school (ages 2-3) and there are people aged 20 and above still in school, even in grade 1. Only 40% of primary teachers are trained, Out of all primary teachers, trained and untrained, only 12% are female.
Many government run schools are left completely abandoned, no teachers or pupils. although teachers are still being paid. After the 14 year long civil war people are no longer motivated to teach. 80% of schools were destroyed or damaged; many had furniture, supplies and equipment stolen. In 2004 an assessment was done showing that only 24% of children in public primary school had neither desks or benches and that there were 27 children to each book. However, they are lucky to get any education at all because according to a study in 2011 over a quarter of a million 6 to 11 year old children have never been to school.