Rewinding back to my high school years

Rewinding back to my high school years, I was an open-minded free soul. I grew up in a small town called Clay County. You could blink and miss it. We had a grocery store who sold the bare necessities, a gas station with two run-down pumps, and the local high school. The biggest event in town was the home football games on Friday nights which my friends and I went to religiously. As you can imagine, there was not many things to do. One Friday night, my friends and I are at the game when we are approached by a group of seniors. They were tall, muscular, and cute which grabbed our attention quickly. They asked if we would like to “smoke” with them. Without hesitation, we follow them under the stadium bleachers where it is dark. Being young, I was eager to try the “big people” things. So, my friends and I decided that we were going to try “pot”. I am handed a soda can with two holes, one hole on the side to cover with my thumb and the other hole on the top filled with a sticky green leafy substance. It was a memorable experience for me, a bad one. While my friends were laughing and enjoying the feeling of carelessness, I was panicking. I felt my heart rate increase and my hands became sweaty. A sense of worry came over me. Am I going to be alright? What if I stop breathing? All these questions silently pouring out while I sit there. This personal experience has crossed my mind multiple times when I think about my children entering the world of curiosity. Originating from the plant, Cannabis, marijuana encompasses over four hundred chemicals. Of those chemicals, only two are well known which include CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). As an adult now, I question “Should Marijuana Be Legalized in The United States of America?” There are so many individual views on this topic from many different aspects.
First, I chose to do some general research on marijuana to get an idea on what has been discovered about it today. A very useful source was a Harvard Mental Health Letter suggesting that it is not wise to legalize marijuana. The following was projected by (Harvard Health Business, “Medical marijuana and the mind”), “Although many recreational users say that smoking marijuana calms them down, for others it has the opposite effect. In fact, the most commonly reported side effects of smoking marijuana are intense anxiety and panic attacks. Studies report that about 20% to 30% of recreational users experience such problems after smoking marijuana. The people most vulnerable are those who have never used marijuana before. Observational studies suggest that one in nine people who smokes marijuana regularly becomes dependent on it. Research both in animals and in people provides evidence that marijuana is an addictive substance, especially when used for prolonged periods. Addiction specialists note with concern that THC concentration has been increasing in the herbal form of marijuana. In the United States, THC concentrations in marijuana sold on the street used to range from 1% to 4% of the total product; by 2003, average THC concentration had risen to 7%. Similar trends are reported in Europe. This increased potency might also accelerate development of dependence.” This article touched home because I had a personal involvement of smoking marijuana for the first time and my body experienced a panic attack in response. It was scary. Furthermore, I feel the same way to a degree regarding the potential addiction and danger that marijuana poses. For those with no self-control, is it likely that marijuana is a gate-way drug to evolve to hard-core drugs? Some people are merely not accountable enough to use marijuana in moderation. For example, the United States of America legalized alcohol which now causes approximately 28 deaths per day involving an alcohol-impaired driver. This is my fear with marijuana. Currently, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for medical purposes and four states allow it for recreational use. It can become perilous if not monitored properly.
On the other hand, is there potential health benefits that outweigh the downfalls of the legalization of marijuana? Patients with medical conditions starting from induration to migraines to hereditary condition could even be prescribed marijuana to assist treat their symptoms and manage their condition. For example, a 1971 study found that marijuana shriveled the pressure of some participants by 25-30%. This reduction was discovered in every healthy folks and folks with disease. Marijuana use in patients with cancer is becoming increasingly common. One amongst the foremost ordinarily according edges is that the reduction of nausea and projection for patients in therapy. Besides reducing the unpleasant symptoms of treatment, marijuana shows potential as a cancer treatment itself. In mice and rat models, researchers have found that drug and utterly totally different cannabinoids will trigger death in many types of cancer cells. In 2007, researchers at Harvard University found that psychoactive drug might scale back the dimensions of human respiratory organ tumors ingrained into rats and mice. The reduction in growth mass and volume were found to be as high as five hundredth, and so the reduction of cancerous lesions within the lungs was approximately a percentage of sixty. A 2004 survey conducted by the Movement Disorder Society found that marijuana use was relatively common among Parkinson’s patients. Just about twenty fifth of the respondents according exploitation marijuana, with 45.9% coverage associate improvement in their condition. One of the foremost promising medical edges of marijuana is its ability to treat severe types of encephalopathy. Marijuana has well-documented anti-seizure properties. Is the legalization of marijuana the future of medicine? I am open-minded for using marijuana to treat medical illness when essential. Eventually, the legalization of marijuana is likely to reduce the existing opioid crisis. Despite all this positive research, I still question the affect that marijuana could have on one’s lungs. There must be an adequate amount of chemicals being exposed to the lungs when inhaling marijuana. But, what about cigarettes? They are legal, and they do not have any known health benefits. They are fatal. Marijuana is not only proven to be less harmful but also proven to have multiple health benefits.
Next, I began to think about how the legalization of marijuana may affect the economic industry and job industry. Would it improve our economy and create more jobs for the nation? The economic advantages of legalizing weed may mean a giant push for state economies and large greenbacks for each the state and the federal governments. Higher than expected sales of marijuana in Colorado and Washington over the past year have resulted in buoyant tax revenues. In 2015, Colorado collected quite $135 million in taxes and fee on medical and recreational marijuana. Sales within the state destroyed over $996 million. Sales in North America grew half-hour, to $6.7 billion, in 2016, and is projected to extend to $20.1 billion by 2021, consistent with ArcView marketing research. Based on these researched statistics, the legalization of marijuana throughout the entire nation would be valuable. However, this makes me question rather the legalization of marijuana would increase crime rates.
Is it possible that the legalization of marijuana will increase crime rates? After researching, I came across an article regarding crime rate statistics that interested me. Denver saw more than a two-percentage decrease by violent crime rates among the year once the first legal recreational cannabis sales in Colorado. Overall property crime fell by nearly a percentage of nine among identical quantity there, in step with figures from the Drug Policy Alliance. In Washington, violent crime rates dropped by a percentage of ten from 2011 to 2014. Voters legalized recreational marijuana there in 2012. This research shows the crime rates steadily dropping in two different states. This is wonderful. But, would it necessarily be the same for all states that decided to legalize marijuana?
Though I have found some very important research relative to the legalization of marijuana, I will continue go more in-depth to come to a more personal judgement on the overall view. After sensibly reviewing my collected research, I believe that marijuana is very valuable to the future of medicine. Although, I still worry about the responsibility of one who uses marijuana without moderation. At this point, I am leading in the direction of the choice to make marijuana legal.


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