Report ___I need help with an introduction____ My final goal is to make make a dog happy by making 3 toys for it


___I need help with an introduction____

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My final goal is to make make a dog happy by making 3 toys for it. I have always been affectionate towards dogs since I was a little girl. I used to take care of dogs during my vacations, just for fun. That was not what struck me. I was inspired to do this when I came to notice how many stray, homeless dogs there are on the streets. Also I was shown pictures on how they were treated at shelters controlled by the government. Some small and not very well known fosters have a hard time buying toys, food, trips to the vet so I want to help. All of this information touched my heart and when the opportunity for me to do a project on any topic of my interest arrived, I took the chance immediately. To make dog toys for a homeless dog, I already knew some of the main materials that could not be used. Basic knowledge of the interest in the toys according to the size was also known by me.

‘Personal and cultural expression’ Using this global context I will be able to express ideas, feelings, nature, values, cultures and beliefs. My appreciation of the aesthetic of helping a homeless animal will increase immensely. I think that this global context is the best fit for my personal project because Personal and cultural expression includes products, creation, craft and artistry while no other that I know of includes and since these aspects are very much included in my project I think that it is indeed the best fit which takes me back to my goal which is to help a foster family by making dog toys out of recyclable material for the dog. My goal includes expressing my feelings therefore this global context fits perfectly for my project. My goal was challenging as I had to be creative and make something of my own. There are already so many different kinds of dog toys that have been made with recyclable material. Using recyclable material was difficult because there are many recyclable materials that are bad for dogs, also considering the fact that it has to last.

Collecting information, there was an extreme amount of varied information on the same topic. There were opposing viewpoints in various sub-topics. Going through websites, I recorded the different points that were gathered and the point which was supported the most number of times is the one I relied on. I did this in my process journal every time there were different opinions.