Refugees in Canada Introduction The refugee crisis has become a topic of debate in the last decade because of the high number of people coming to Europe and the West

Refugees in Canada
The refugee crisis has become a topic of debate in the last decade because of the high number of people coming to Europe and the West. Although there has been movement of people from Asia, Africa and Middle East to Europe and America for many years, the last few years has seen a sharp increase in the migration crisis. People come from countries such as Sudan and Somali. However, the majority of the people are coming from the war tone Syria. In 2011, the world witnessed the 2011 Arab spring. The revolutions spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya and Syria. The dictators in these countries were toppled leading to the collapse of the regime. In Libya for example the defeat of Gadhafi led to a civil war that contributed to the increase of immigrants who wanted to run from the war tone country. However, the Assad regime refused to step down and it started a brutal repression against its citizen. The blood shed led the peaceful protesters to take up arms against the government. Different groups fought each other in a bid to take over the government. The Islamic State took advantage of the situation and spread from Iraq to Syria and started its bloody campaign against the people. All the groups in the war have been accused of committing human rights abuses. There have be the use of chemical weapons, conventional weapons, torture and mass murder. The civilian population suffered the most as it was caught between the different sided. Towns were left deserted as people run to other countries in search of asylum. A third of the population has been displaced with more than four million having been able to successfully escape from the country. The United Nation cannot cater for the high number of people in refugee camps. Countries such as Canada should therefore take in more refuges to avert the suffering of the people.

Why Canada Should Take In More Refugees.
It is the humane thing to do for the Refugees.
In 1978, a British ship off the coast of Taiwan rescued 345 Vietnams refugees who were escaping from their country, which had been taken by communist (McGreal, 2016, p. 2). When Holmes saw the boat that was filled with people in the rough seas, he did not think about politics. His first instinct was to rescue the people and take them to a safe place. The human instinct in him showed that people care for each other. The young man was training as a sailor and was not obsessed with politics or how people will regard him when he rescues the Vietnams. The humane thing at that time was to ensure the people got from the ship and into dry land safely. His action saved the lives of the people in the boat that day. Canada should embrace the spirit of Captain Holmes and do what he did 50 years ago. The people that are escaping from these countries are not coming to Europe and other countries on their own volition (McGreal, 2016, p. 4). They are either fleeing war, prosecution or famine and dictatorship. The people take a massive risk in crossing borders and sailing in vessels that are not sea-worthy. The risk that they take indicate a people who are desperate to look for a better future. Such people are willing to risk their lives to escape their current condition. The country is a member of the international community and a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Convention Canada. Canada is therefore obligated to help those people that are fleeing from war tone countries. The country should, therefore, take in more refugees as part of its international obligation towards people who needs its help.
The Five Myths about Refugees
There are several reasons why Canada should increase its refugees’ intake, and it has to do with the myths about the refugee crisis. One the Myth is that the crisis is over. Far from it, the crisis is still ongoing. People in Syria are still being killed, and people are still fleeing from the country (Trilling, 2018, p. 2). The underlying problem that caused the influx of refugee has not been addressed. If Syria is not stabilized the number of people will keep increasing. Canada should, therefore, take in more refugees because the people need the country’s help. They cannot go back to their country because the political situation there is still fragile. There is also a myth that the refugees are a threat to the Europeans values. Most of the fear that people have is unfounded and is spread by a group of people who want to spread fear and gain political mileage (Trilling, 2018, p. 3). A majority of people In Europe and Canada do not hold the fear. Most people are welcoming of immigrants and willing to learn their culture and beliefs. The Immigrants, on the other hand, are eager to assimilate to the new way of life. The refugees also make up a tiny portion of the whole population. The fear that they will change the culture of a country is unfounded. Additionally, those that are afraid of population increase should not fear. Refugees soon realize the high cost of living ones they assimilate in society. Such a realization makes them understand the need to have family planning. Finally, the immigrants have risked their lives to come to the country. Such a person does not seek to start changing how they found the people. Their primary goal is to improve their lives and that of their family. As an advanced democracy, Canada should not fall for such fears but should work on a mechanism to help more refugees. There is no threat from refugees that the Canadian values will be affected if the people are accepted in the country.
Availability of political will in Canada
The Canadian prime minister has a positive outlook on the refugee crisis. He believes that every country should play a role in improving the plight of the refugees (Nicolas, Bibeau, & Hussen, 2018). Canada has a big GDP and many factories. Most of the refugees who come to Canada are educated and can work in the industries. The refugees do not want to be dependent on the government (Nicolas, Bibeau, & Hussen, 2018). After giving them shelter and food, all the refugees wish to is to be given an opportunity to work. Canada with its resources can, therefore, be able to take in more refugees and offer them a better chance in life. The West has a well-developed financial system, infrastructure and the economies are self-reliant. The political systems are also democratic and stable. If the west is interested, it can be able to handle the challenges brought by the refugee crisis. The countries only need to set up policies that will ensure the refugees are self-reliant. By having a group of healthy and educated people in the country, the nations will not only be diversifying but will also be increasing the number of workforce in countries that are expiring an increasing in the aging population. Jordan, for example, has been able to take in more than 600,000 refugees despite its small size. Other countries that are larger and wealthy are therefore able to tackle the issue if they want.
Public Support for Resettlement
The refugees arriving from Syria and other countries have received a positive response from Canadians (McMurdo, 2018) People in Canada are willing to take in refugees and host them in their homes. Additionally, the picture of a dead Syrian boy who had to drown made people more receptive to refugees. The Canadian government can use this goodwill to resettle and take in more refugees. People have also put the government at task to prove that Canadian are a passionate people who are willing to help and support newcomers in their country. The prime minister and his government can use this goodwill to allow more refugees to come into the country (McMurdo, 2018). Some politicians that are against refugees do so because they are afraid of losing the election. However, the Canadian political landscape is different. A politician who favors refugees has higher chances of getting elected into office.
Refugees contribute to the economy
The other reason why Canada should resettle more refugees in the country is that of their contribution to the economy. Once the refugees are resettled in the country, can get jobs in industries and even start their own business (Beiser, 2009). The main cost that the government incurs in resettling the refugees is in the initial stage. Since the refuges hardly have anything when they come to the country, they have to rely on the host country to offer them food and shelter. The situation is however, temporary, and most of the refugees do not want to keep getting the support of the government. A country such as Canada has well-established systems that can offer refugees the temporary help that they need. After the refugees have settled down, they also start contributing to the society just like the natives. The people pay taxes, they goo school, and at some point they even create employment. The crime rate is also less than the natives (Beiser, 2009). Natives are more likely to commit crimes than the immigrants are. It is just people that want to spread propaganda that spread the news. The facts, however, contradict the belief that the people from other countries lead to an increase in crime.
Throughout the History of man, there have been people who have been escaping from persecution. The Irish and the Jews have been victims of war and exploitation. Such people moved to new lands and became part of the community. Just like in the 1940s, the people escaping wars in Africa and the Middle East should be given a second chance in life. Immigrants have built countries such as Canada and the United States. There is a need to have empathy for people who are running away from their countries. The myths and fears about refugees should be discarded because they are unfounded. The governments should come up with a policy that helps the refugees to settle in rather than deny them a chance to access their country. There should also be an international community effort to stabilize the countries that are at war to hinder the immigration crisis.

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