The major benefit of working me with the sql workbech for me was that it facilitated learning and enhanced my understanding of the project. I have learned more about the topic from other books than I would have if I had completed this assignment on my own without acknowledge the books. I have gone through each entry in depth and that helped me understand the complexity and the value of recording the transactions. Working regularly and weekly tutor help in the library and went through each transaction simultaneously to make sure that I had the good understanding of the programming. Regular and detailed discussions meetings in the class are also an essential part of the building this process and for building collaboration and improved outcomes. My teachers and some of the help from my friends and I felt free to share my ideas and knowledge and going in line through all, and that made my learning process more interactive, interesting, and enjoyable.
The biggest hurdle in the class for me was time management. I am a procrastinator and always have been, so completing assignments on time was and still is a challenge for me. I have not come to a full solution to this problem yet, but I did make changes in my life as to how I can manage time management. I found that it was easier for me to focus on homework if I was outside my dorm room, because when in my dorm, I would usually mess around on the internet or take naps. I don’t think realistically I will get over procrastination anytime soon, but I can manage it.
Like I mentioned before, it is very difficult to persuade my mind to think differently than it already does. I was already aware of most of the issues we discussed in class, such as the creating model in the workbench. Often I found myself spiteful due to the fact I had to write notes that seemed, in my mind, to be repetitive and thusly irrelevant to my education
The highlights of the course for me would probably be the creative portion of the exploration paper. I enjoy expressing myself through art more so than I do in any other medium, so it was fun to be able to take my thoughts and feelings and turn them into a programming.
But to end on a better note, I have learned things, while I’ve been here and I hope to continue. I love constantly adding knowledge to database.

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