Quaashun Harvey Mrs

Quaashun Harvey
Mrs. Kiernan
English 3
March 22 2018

William Bradford and John Smith rough draft

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 The first settlers of America all came for different reasons, had separate goals, and

different ways of life. Although they were all different they all risked their lives for a new

life in a new world. John Smith and William Bradford were two completely different

types of people. John Smith was an adventurer which one can easily see from his

writing, like in “The General History of Virginia”. William Bradford was a pious Puritan,

which is brought out in his writing in “Of Plymouth Plantation”. Their differences and

similarities on their views on Indians, tone and style are personified through these two

works of writing. John Smith and William Bradford have strong personalities that live

through their writing. The two men are very different from each other, but still share

some similarities.

    Both John Smith and William Bradford encountered Indians in their explorations of

the new world. They handled these encounters very differently. John Smith saw the

Indians as “savages” and “barbarians”. He describes them in a condescending way.

John Smith and his comrades have a somewhat hostile relationship with the Indians.

For most of the story the Indians are fighting and attacking the settlers. This includes

taking John Smith as captive, then acting as if they are going to “beat out his brains”.

William Bradford and his Puritan companions had a very different encounter with the

native people. He respected the Indians as people, and did not see them as below

himself. The relationship itself was peaceful and kind. The two groups “enjoyed friendly

entertainment” and “gifs were given” to each other. William Bradford also writes about a

treaty between the two groups and making “peace with the chief” of the tribe.