People nowdays are really obsess want to get a great body until we forget this thing can cause damage to our body

People nowdays are really obsess want to get a great body until we forget this thing can cause damage to our body. To get great body we will start to diet. The main reason why our body damaged is because of diet. Usually if we diet we must refers to the restriction of essential food intake in order to lose weight and become healthy. Unfortunately, dieters do not have a clue that most diets only brings negative effects and make our face a variety of health complications due to poor nutrition. This is the negative effect of diet which is nutrient deficiency, bad for mental and health, slowed metabolism.

The first negative effect of diet is nutrient deficiency. Nutrient deficiency is occurs when the body not getting enough nutrients such as vitamins and mineral. If our body did not get enough nutrients our body will be weak. Because of this also we can get anemia which is lacks of red blood cell. Our body need vitamin to stay healthy and function properly. Sometimes if we diet we did not eat the food that contain vitamin and nutrients but the truth is vitamin can be found in the food that we eat. Some people may have a greater need for certain vitamins. Increasing the intake of nutrients can alleviate symptoms and conditions. Sometime they will take drugs for give energy to the body but at the same time they cause damaged to the body because take over drugs. If our body lack of nutrient it can cause death also so lack of nutrient are really bad for our body. According to Emily.L.G and Rajani.K nutrient deficiency may impact both hair structure and hair growth. Studies have also reported potential association between nutrient deficiency chronic TE, androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata.

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The second negative effect of diet is bad for mental and health. Diet can effect our mental and health if we did not eat properly. If we did not get enough food our mental will be slow and our health will slowly lost the weight. According to Mark .H. a professor of nutrition at Kansas State University, describes nutritional psychiatry as a field where both mental health and nutrition professional can “cross over and better understand how food and nutrients can affect mental and health status”. Weight fluctuation brings a host of related side effect that can harm our physical health. It has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and will get type two diabetes and high blood pressure. Research say that indicates dieters are prone to the stress hormone and another study say because of dieting triggered binge eating.

The third negative effect of diet is slowed metabolism. They are many reason why our metabolism is slow one of the reason is dieting. Our metabolism is slow because we eat too few of calories. A calories deficit is needed for weight loss, it can be counterproductive for your calorie intake to drop to low. When our body calorie to low, our body sense that food is scarce and lowers the rate at which it burn calories. In one study says when obese women ate 420 calories per day for four to six month, their resting metabolic rates slow down significantly. Sometimes skimping of protein also can make our metabolism slow. Eating enough protein is extremely important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Studies have shown that in addition to helping you feel full, we must take a high protein so it can significantly increase the rate at which our body burn calories. We need to eat at least 0.5 grams of protein per pound of our body weight in order to prevent our metabolism from slowing and after weight loss. This also can make us not get enough quality sleep and lead to sedentary lifestyle

So this is the three negative effect of diet. The conclusion is we need to eat as usual to get nutrient and good health and mental for our body. I did not say that we don’t have to do a great body, we can do it but we do it in different way we do not have to diet because it can cause damaged to our body but if we eat a lot and exercise it can make our body perfect and our helath also good. So this a conclusion and negative effect of diet.