Paramore: Latest album and Concert
Paramore is an American rock band have started their career in 2004.This band have these catchy lyrics, amazing grooves and incredible solos which make there band idolized by singers, musicians and even those who just appreciate music. The band have released quite a number of albums and singles with some of them being used in movies and games and most of them have really been enjoyed by the millenials everywhere. Last January 19, 2016, Paramore stated over Twitter that they are “on the process” of releasing their 5th and latest album. They also posted videos of themselves with ,surprisingly, their former drummer Zac Farro on drums. He had stated that he will only be recording drums for the album though, he had not officially rejoined the band but on February 2, 2017, he stated that he will officially return to the band as it’s drummer.
Paramore has already released their lead single Hard Times on April 19, 2017. Following this, they have also, officially, released After Laughter on May 12, 2017 and on May 3 have released their second single, titled, “Told You So” which is followed by the music video of the song Fake Happy that was released on November 2017.

For all the Filipino fans out there, get ready because Paramore will also be having there concert in Manila here in the Philippines on February 18, 2018 on Sunday and it will happen at around 7:00 pm. So, get your tickets ready and get ready for a bunch of lively performances by the band itself. If you are not yet ready, then you’ve got quite a lot of days to get ready and prepare to witness a concert that ain’t as fun as any pop rock concert you have ever witnessed.

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