Over the years English has played an important role around the world

Over the years English has played an important role around the world, and it is spoken by millions of people. The spread of English has led experts to research its impact. Researchers are divided on the positive and negative impact of global English on the world. Some positive aspect is that English language open door in terms of global communication and business because this language has become a powerful tool for improving productivity and driving growth where it is used. However, there are also a number of significant negative aspects such as English superiority and loss of language mainly driven by globalization. Therefore, this essay will argue the negative impact of having English as a global language because of the way English language threaten other minority language and the influence of English on the world.

Using English as an international language has a few benefits in people’s lives. Firstly, one of the positive impacts is worldwide effective communication as it is recognized and understood by people everywhere. Nguyen (2008) indicates that English is spoken by 60 million people in many nations and also widely used as an international language in the globe. Indeed English helps to make sustainable development between countries that do not share a common language it is used as a language of convenience, helping dialogue and building trust where an understanding of a diverse position is crucial (British Council 2013). Moreover, English plays an important role in education due to the great impact of English in several fields where communication is the key in order to improve development and knowledge (Weil ; Pullin 2011).Furthermore English has had a positive impact on business because it is an important tool with regards to international development and driving growth. One example of a Multinational company is Siemens which is the largest electrical manufacturing companies in the world located in Germany but its corporate language is English since 2002 not only for productivity but also for interacting with people at work (Born ; Peltokorpi 2010). Another example where English become an official language of business by Hiroshi Mikitani the CEO of Japan’s largest online market company Rakuten in March 2010 to become the number one internet service company in the world and to extend his business outside Japan (Neeley 2010). An increasing number of multinational companies like Nokia, SAP, Heineken, Samsung and Renault adopted English as a business language for long-term advantages to productivity and growth (British Council 2013). Hence, English language has some positive effect in people’s lives not only in everyday life but also in specific fields.

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