Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material
Step 1: Methods
Observations will be made of the individuals in their different departments of work environments to see how they interact with each other and their clients on a day to day basis. This will be done in hopes to see where the issues or breakdowns in communication and work procedures and protocols occur.

Each employee will be interviewed personally, or in groups by their respective departments, whichever would get a better response. This will be done with the intention to explain to them the problems that have been brought to the company’s attention and ask for their input into what they feel the biggest issues are and how they would rectify them.
Employees along with clients serviced from the past 12 months will be asked to be a part of the conducted surveys, to gather information from those who are connected to the company and to have specific cases that would give probability to the proposed actions to solve the problems.

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Step 2A: Surveys
As an employee, are you being paid and allowed the benefits that the company has imposed?
This is asked in order to determine the compensation of the employee which can be the cause of distraction.

Is there any process of account review in the company?
This is asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company when it comes to the accounts of the employees, clients and management itself.
In about four (4) sentences, tell me about yourself and your position here at Phoenix Advertising. Who do you report to when on an assignment?
This is asked to find out what each person believes their responsibilities are within the company and to whom they report. Findings may also be done in some other areas of concern that have not yet been reported, such as a broken chain of command.

On a scale from 0-10 (10 being the highest), are you satisfied with the Roanoke Branch staff and the services provided to you?
This is asked to determine if the company’s work output is up to the clients’ standards and if they are receiving what was promised in their contracts with the company.

Do you know anything of the current situation of the company? If yes, kindly state the situation in brief.
This is asked to know if the clients are sensitive to the internal situation of the company.

Would you recommend us to others? Why or why not?
This is asked to find out what is most important to our clients and where we need to improve. I also want to find out if our clients would tell others about us, and if not, what we can do to change that.

Step 2B: Letter to CEO of Roanoke Branch
-3048001035050 P h o e n i x
Charlotte, North Carolina
Phone: 123-456-7890 Fax: 765-4321
www.PhoenixAdvertising.comMay 27th, 2108
Jonathan Willis,
CEO Roanoke Branch
Phoenix Advertising,
Dear Mr. Jonathan Willis,
As the Vice President of Human Resource in Phoenix, I send you this letter to ask your good office to assist me on your company. I would like to make a visit to your company on June 8th, 2018 to conduct a study.

Mr. Forest, our company’s President, was concerned after learning that several of our clients from your branch, have complained about the quality of work being produced by your advertising department. He is also particularly worried with the news that two of your top, long term management employees have left the company within the last few months, along with receiving news of several other management and employee issues arising within your branch.

In order to fulfill the study for the probable causes and further effects of the problems and circumstances within your branch, I would like to ask you some questions about the company and its current situation in both internal and external forces. I would like to interview some of your employees and clients in relation to these issues. The coverage of my interviews and surveys are based on the various company documents stated below; all of which I would like to have a copy of upon my visit:
company policies provided to employees
employee performance reviews
project designs
internal and external agendas
administrative configuration when it comes to company issues
any other company policies that you may have in place
Your full support is crucial in resolving these possible problems happening in your branch, and more importantly, in coming up with the better solutions to ensure a better future at both your branch and within our company as a whole. I am looking forward to working with you and your team soon.
Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Asiya Khan
Asiya Khan, VP Human Resources Management
Step 2B: Problems and Illustration
Decline in quality and productivity
Management issues within the company
Customer service and social media management
Loyalty to the customer
Do we need to share with the client?
Will this affect our relationship with the client?
Facts and Causes:
Decline in quality and productivity
lack of communication between management and employees
work overload
decrease in employee morale
lack of delegation
Impacts and Effects:
The investigation into the Roanoke branch of the Phoenix Advertising company showed that they are currently facing problems with both management and employee relations. The management problems are significantly affecting their employee performance and work ethic.

One of their main problems is the decrease in employee morale and motivation. This was easily shown through the answers received while conducting the interviews. The employees, both new and old, showed a huge decrease in their dedication to work, which resulted in the decline of the quality of their performance by 25% and the work they produced by 35%.
The employees also associated this declination to the fact that they felt dissatisfaction with the service and the performance of their superiors. They stated that they felt stressed in their work environment which resulted in an increased rate of 18% in sick days-this was the main source of the high employee turnover rate, which saw a growth of 10%. Complaints were also made of the work load placed on the employees due to the lack of delegation and the increase in overtime by 15% with little to no compensation. Poor communication or the lack thereof, between the employees and managers is also another issue raised during the interviews.
Establish a clear line of communication between managers and employees to allow for a more productive workplace.

Revise the hiring and recruitment process in the branch to create a clear understanding of the purpose of having an employee, and allowing the managers to use them based on their skill sets.

Create a clearer procedural structure and requirements in future approvals of new clients and contracts, to be able to assure the capabilities of the overall company. To be able to provide a better quality product and not just pump out a higher quantity for the Roanoke branch and for the Phoenix Advertising company entirely.

Employees’ accomplishments should be acknowledged, while errors or failures in meeting targets should be promptly addressed.

Reduce the overall workload of our full-time employees by adding on more part-time workers to assist them especially during peak seasons.

The type of illustration I would use to represent the numbers related to the causes or impacts of the problems at the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising is the line graph.

After applying the data gathered from the investigation carried out at the Roanoke branch to a line graph, you can clearly see where the rates begin to decline before the investigation and where it gradually begins to improve after the necessary changes were made. All of the findings can be compared over the same period of time in a clear and concise manner.