Nowadays many mothers are giving birth around the globe

Nowadays many mothers are giving birth around the globe. Newborns are either left by their mothers or live with their biological parents. Even though the fact that mothers abandon their children, bringing up children is always a blessing.
Let us start by considering the fact that not only parents but also family play a notable role in looking after their children. These individuals are the guides in their lives. Hence, it is important to state that the family is supposed to lead them but they should not try to impose their thoughts and beliefs.
Parents along with offspring have responsibilities and freedom. On the one hand, children are free to believe whatever they want but they should behave well. On the other hand, parents need to be child-centered, in other words, they must focus on their children. Nevertheless, they can have some time alone without ruining their kid’s life.
Of course, it has to be stated that parents have influence in their offspring’s development. Therefore, they ought to be a guide, not to control them. According to Khalil Gibran, one can attempt to like them, but not pressure them to be like one’s persona.
Equally relevant to the issue is the question of what happens when “the children” leave home. after all the guidance given from their fathers and/or mothers they should know how to survive outside their homes. Consequently, they will transmit the same pieces of advices to their family and so on.
To put it in a nutshell, parents should be acting as leaders for their progenies. I am convinced that children are a blessing and if mothers and fathers have done a good job at raising them, they will have success in his professional and private life.


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