Nowadays, owing to new technological advances, more and more people even children have their own notebook computers. While students still have to carry heavy books, especially junior and senior high school students having pressure from schoolwork. Using notebook computer not only reduces the weight on students’ shoulders but also saves trees. I, therefore, am of the opinion that the textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers.
One-third of parents said that their children had suffered from back pain. (“British Chiropractic Association”) While back pain may result from various reasons, for students, it was likely that the overloaded backpack caused the long-term health issues. The average weight of student’s backpack was 4.9kg, while the average laptop weights 2kg. (“Goodies”) Recently, laptops are characterized by light weight and are not only portable but also handy to bring with people. All things that students need are contained in the laptop, and no more need different heavy textbooks.
Every year people chop down approximate 4 billion trees to make paper around the world. (“Ecology Global Network”) By replacing the textbooks by laptop, not only can students save the money on textbooks, but also save the save the environment. Using secondhand textbooks might be a solution, whereas the information in textbooks may be outdated. As a consequence, using a laptop instead of buying lots of textbooks may be a good choice for students and even the earth.
However, notebook computer may be considered expensive, but the survey shows that average annual students spending on course materials is US$ 579. (“Student Watch”) Publishers constantly issue new editions to update information, and students in order to acquire new knowledge need to spend large amounts of money on purchasing new textbooks. What’s more, e-book is usually cheaper than print book. When the students use print, they also need stationery. Thanks to the advance in technology, people can purchase notebook computer at affordable and reasonable price. In the end, the cost of using textbooks is more than the cost of using notebook computer


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